ATEEZ performed at the Big Top Sydney in Luna Park on Friday the 11th of August. The eight-membered group consisting of Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho, brought The Expedition Tour to Australia.

Having only debuted in October 2018 under KQ Entertainment with their song Pirate King‘, the rookies brought a breath of fresh air and liveliness to the stage.

Energy buzzed through the crowd as they wait for ATEEZ to embark upon the Sydney stage. Murmurs of excitement flow between ATINY’s. “Two more minutes!” I heard a fan exclaim, the crowd soaring as the beginning notes of ‘Pirate King’ echoed throughout the venue.

The undeniable stage presence of the members was almost overwhelming as they tightly executed the sharp choreographies of ‘Treasure’ and ‘Desire’. I would have had no idea that they were rookies from performance alone, if it was not for their childlike energy during the talk breaks between songs. The boys got so rowdy at one point that leader Hongjoong had to ask them to stay focused.

One of the many highlights of my night included ATINY’s teaching the boys some Australian slang. San proudly showed off his newly learnt phrases:

“While I was having brekky in macca’s this morning, my Aussie friend gave me a choccie biccie for chrissie pressie,”

Touring with ATEEZ was special guest and label mate, MADDOX. He performed his new single ‘But Maybe’ in a short stage. His falsettos are what I could only describe as heavenly.

After MADDOX’s intimate performance, ATEEZ took us to the tropics with their latest releases, ‘Illusion and ‘Wave. This was where the production really shined, colourful psychedelic-like visuals displayed on the screens and the stage.

Despite Seonghwa having to be seated for most of the concert, ATEEZ brought their A-game, answering fan-submitted questions and playing games on stage. The celebrations continued as the group and their fans celebrated Mingi’s birthday, singing Happy Birthday to him not just once, but twice.

With the night coming to an end, ATEEZ performed their smash hits ‘HALA HALA and ‘Say My Name’ with enthusiasm and gusto, wearing costumes from their original music videos.

The boys wrapped up their set with an encore stage of ‘From and ‘Dancing like Butterfly Wings’, rounding out the night in an explosion of fireworks and confetti.

Once the show finished I was in awe, and impressed by the amount of power and energy I witnessed, including the incredible crowd reactions; you would not expect this calibre of stage presence from a group a little under a year old.

In honesty, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday night – supporting up and coming K-Pop talents and dancing the night away.