This review of DAY6’s Gravity Tour in Sydney is much more like my love letter to the quintet; there is something so special about seeing a band you have an emotional connection with.

The five-piece band have created smash hits such as ‘Sweet Chaos’ and ‘You Were Beautiful’. 

Before entering the venue I was stunned by the line of My Days that spanned all the way to the other side of the Enmore Theatre. Speaking to a staff member after the show, they expressed that they have never seen this many people line up to be in the venue. As the theatre filled up with people a sense of anticipation built up which resulted in fan chants and sing-alongs.

DAY6 begun their set with ‘Best Part’, a track from their latest EP The Book of Us: Gravity. Their performance of ‘Sing Me’ followed. The soft electro sounds of these songs were a perfect start to the night – lively and playful. 

The playful and fun set was followed by one of their newer tracks ‘Time of Our Life’. The unexpected chorus of this song always catches me off guard. It was certainly a song that got the theatre dancing.

The concert was beautifully paced with clear segments and era divides. Each member got their moment to shine with well-timed and perfectly executed solos. The first to have their solos was drummer Dowoon and bassist Young K, playing the groovy sounds of ‘So Cool’, followed by leader Sungjin’s acoustic guitar solo.

You could really see the amount of effort DAY6 has put into creating the most memorable and interactive experience for each attendee present. Even through some minor production difficulties, DAY6 asked My Days for song requests and sang them. Guitarist Jae said, “This is not a DAY6 concert it’s OUR concert with you!”

For this tour, DAY6 prepared some remixes of popular western songs blending it with their pop-rock hits, creating a melting pot of genres. The summer vibes of ‘Like That Sun’, mixed with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ was a beautiful combination of sounds. These mashups were followed by Wonpil’s EDM and keys solo which consisted of ‘Sing Me’, ‘Freely’, and ‘Congratulations’. 

The band has also planned some throwback tracks to perform for their Australian tour, bringing back their rockier sound with heart-wrenching and angsty single ‘I Need Somebody’ and ‘I Wait’. The sombre and dark vibes of these songs were reflected by the stage lighting dull orange and dark green hues coated the stage. 

The climax of the concert was filled with their most popular tracks. The heavy anthem-like sound of ‘Shoot Me’ had everyone off their seats dancing – truly a headbanger! This heaviness was followed by their heartbreak saga ‘Congratulations’ and ‘You were Beautiful’. 

When we speak of DAY6 we must mention the amount of stage presence they possess being one with their instruments. They ooze talent. From Wonpil‘s falsettos, YoungK and Jae‘s raps, Sungjin’s leadership, and Dowoon‘s rare singing moments.

As a band that has gone through countless heartbreaks and missteps with me, DAY6 really holds a special spot in my life. Seeing them live in their element, doing what they do best, was an unforgettable experience.