On Thursday, 22nd August, Hello Asia had the pleasure of seeing the Korean Pop juggernauts that are GOT7 at the first stop of their Keep Spinning world tour. The Sydney show, the first of their Australian stops, was at Qudos Bank Arena.

For those who do not know the wildly popular multinational group, GOT7 is composed of seven-members – JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom.

Before I even entered the venue, I was confronted by a litter of green lights scattered across the queues; Ahgase, GOT7’s fan-base, had filled the venue both inside and out with the soft glowing light of their green Ahgabongs.

Once inside the venue the stage felt small and intimate, but the moment the lights came down, it was lit up spectacularly. The boy emerged from LED panels, presenting beautiful, dream-like visuals as they opened with their newest single ‘Eclipse’.

Keeping up with their powerful entrance, they followed up with ‘OUT’ and ‘Never Ever’.

This introduction was followed by a chat with their audience, the group reminiscing on their previous time in Australia without Youngjae and their excitement to show him around this time. The projections behind the boys during these downtimes really enhanced the experience by giving the audience a closer look at their interactions.

After this small talk-break, the boys returned with solo and unit stages. Leader JB began with his sensual solo ‘Ride’. Youngjae followed with an emotional performance of ‘Gravity’.

The rap-line consisting of Jackson, Mark, and Bambam set the stage on fire with a unit rendition of ‘God Has Returned’. Afterwards, main dancer Yugyoem gave an explosive dance solo, followed by Jinyoung’s own captivating dance performance.

The concert continued with fresh and colourful remixes of ‘Teenager’ and ‘Stop, Stop It’, the crowd singing and dancing along to the familiar tunes. Extraordinarily, nothing beat the roar that spread across the arena when the well-known chirps of ‘Just Right’ begun.

The boys had a certain swagger when they walked, a quiet confidence and undeniable strength in stage presence. This was still present through their playful encore stages of ‘A’ and ‘Shopping Mall’ before wrapping up the night with ‘Before the Moon Rises’.

There is something about GOT7’s music that never fails to get you hyped up, songs like ‘OUT’ and ‘Hard Carry’ getting my blood pumping; it is the exactly what I picture bank robbers listening to before a heist.

GOT7 displayed a level of robust professionalism and maintained a lively presence that can only be gained through experience. Everything about the night was ‘Just Right’.