From pop to hip hop to independent artists, New York City has received an eclectic group of Korean musical acts this year and on October 28 turned their sights toward rock and roll with Jung Joon Young Live US Tour presented by Studio PAV.

Known for his sultry voice and smooth rock style Jung Joon Young and his band Drug Restaurant treated fans to an intimate and unforgettable concert experience at The Town Hall. They pull a wide range of fans: some recognize him for his captivating drama OSTs, others appreciate him for his raw vocals and unabashed personality, but everyone in the crowd gathered for one thing– a damn good rock show.

Opening the night with “403,” their latest all-English single, the tone of the night was set nicely between entrancing, relaxed, and sexy. Much like Jung Joon Young’s persona, his music carries a slow but steady vibe that keeps audience attention from start to finish. Fans lost their minds as he took them on a musical journey, starting at some of his band’s B-side hits like “Alibi,” “Don’t Be Afraid.” and “Cat Woman.”

A section of the show dedicated to some of their best ballads slowed the tempo of the night down were the audience crooned alongside to songs like their early 2016 single “Her.” At one point the audience illuminated like a night sky just to wave their flashlights to crawl of the bass during “Sympathy.”

Jung Joon Young also treated fans to an array of his early solo work remastered to include his bang, with “Teenager” being the most notable crowd favorite. He even showcased his rap abilities by taking on rapper Microdot’s verse from their 2018 collaboration “Fiancee” and embraced a pop side with a striking cover of Shawn Mendes’ “There’s Nothing Holdin’ me Back.” Rounding out the night they amped the energy back to 100 with head banging, body grooving hits like “Mistake,” “Sexy Bomb,” and his band’s energetic, in your face debut hit “OMG.”

Korean rock had graced NYC stages previously thanks to acts like CNBLUE, FT Island, Kiha & The Faces, and Hyuk Oh; Jung Joon Young and his group Drug Restaurant have now risen to those ranks. A little raunchy with an attitude all his own Jung Joon Young took all expectations for a Korean music show and melted them into a true rock and roll treat, leaving fans with an unforgettable Sunday night.