KARD concluded the first shop of their Australian tour with a sell out Melbourne show, part of their “2018 WILD KARD Tour”.

Despite only forming in 2017, the wildly successful co-ed group has already toured across more than 17 countries and 31 cities. It was finally Australia’s turn to catch a glimpse of this sensation and see them up close and personal!

The hit co-ed group blew the roof off The Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Thursday 26th April 2018.

Andy Trieu and Kevin Kim from SBS PopAsia took the stage and introduced themselves as the MCs. Four lucky fans were also drawn from the crowd to play games with KARD later in the night.

The lights dimmed and the group took the crowd’s breath away with tracks from their latest album You & Me‘Into You’ and their title track ‘You In Me’ was a great start to showcase the group’s vocals and chemistry. KARD introduced themselves to Aussie fans, with Somin dazzling in purple and Jiwoo in a stunning red top. The boys were both in a casual patterned shirt and blazer and the crowd could not get enough of the group telling us what they love in Melbourne.

Following their sexy performance of ‘Trust Me’, KARD builds up the hype with ‘Don’t Recall’ and ‘Rumour’, driving Hidden Kards to cheer louder and louder with every move they make.

It was time to get closer with the fans and of course it had to be through the crowd favourite, Q&A! Fans wrote a bunch of questions for KARD to pick out of a bowl and we discover lots of little things about KARD. Like Somin wanting to be an idol after watching music shows when she was young, J.seph being inspired by NCT, Jiwoo wanting to come back to Melbourne to film a MV and BM wanting to collaborate with TWICE especially since the girls got to work with Super Junior lately.

It was also after a lot of cheering and chanting, that fans were able to persuade BM and Jiwoo to give us a glimpse of their best attempt of aegyo. Despite the two hiding in embarrassment, fans were very pleased with the final result.

The solo acts were a gem to watch with Somin starting off with a beautiful cover of Taeyeon’s ‘Fine’, BM and J.seph hyping it up with their rap solos and Jiwoo taking it chill with a cover of WINNER’s ‘Really Really’.

KARD combined forces once again with fans hyped as they break out in Ariana Grande’s ‘Side To Side’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘24K Magic’.

More interaction was on its way with four lucky fans chosen for a dance battle to compete for signed KARD polaroids. In the end, all four fans were too good and were all gifted polaroids as a reward. KARD also came back on stage to play games with another set of lucky fans. A signed CD from BM, a group photo with KARD, a good morning call recording from Somin and even being serenaded by J.seph. Of course many hugs were also given out to these lucky fans.

Before we knew it, the night was slowly coming to an end and KARD expressed their gratitude and joy to be down under. They thanked the Melbourne crowd for the sell out show and revealed that this energy is what motivates and keeps them moving forward. The girls also promised that KARD will be back to make more memories in the future.

Thankfully it was still not time to bid our farewells and KARD was back on stage with their performance of ’Push & Pull’ and ‘Hola Hola’. The night reached its peak after the chants of encore and KARD returns to stage one final time with ‘Oh NaNa’ and ‘Living Good’. This time, the seated venue was turned into a mosh with fans jumping up and down cheering their lungs out.

After once last bow and a group photo with the crowd, KARD concluded their first stop of their Australian tour.

It was an amazing show to be at with the crowd’s energy blowing the roof away. Not only did we hear the girl’s beautiful vocals, but also the boy’s powerful raps. It was refreshing seeing a co-ed group perform as the chemistry and aura was very different to other groups I have seen. KARD’s sell out show was definitely a great success and fans were also able to see a glimpse of their lovely personalities.

KARD’s next stop will be in Sydney on Sunday the 29th of April. So we’ll see you there for another incredible show!