In the middle of Seoul’s youth hub, Hongdae, hundreds of young people line at the MUV Hall waiting to see Kid Milli perform songs from his new mini album LIFE.

With a title like LIFE, the mini album naturally takes cues from the Korean rapper’s experiences post Show Me The Money 7 and touring Asia and Australia.

The Indigo Music signee’s new mini album follows his EP IMNOTSPECIAL (2018), debut album A1 The Playlist (2018) and Maiden Voyage trilogy of EPs (2017-2018). Yet on this new mini album he switches his trap heavy style beats for a more break beat and jazzy style, which are two areas of the hip hop spectrum that don’t usually go together.

At the beginning of the show, the crowd of mostly university and high school students, seemed more concerned with getting the perfect Instagram video than watching the rapper though their own eyes. But as time went on, the crowd loosened up and more actively engaged with the show, jumping and singing along with the rapper.

But this didn’t faze Kid Milli in the slightest, if anything, it made him perform harder. Throughout the whole show, his rap was well delivered and he brought a raw and emotional energy to his live set, something absent in his records. He even had a hand at singing, like on sydney, hongkong where he sung Thama’s verse. But even he himself admitted that singing wasn’t his strong point.

While rapping, Kid Milli’s aura was powerful and commanding. Yet, in between songs, his endearing personality shone through as he joked and laughed along with the crowd and his guests.

His set featured a range of guests. The Quiett performed a few of his own songs, while Kid Milli had an outfit change and later joined the Illionaire CEO to perform life together. Loopy also joined Kid Milli later in the set to perform APP and Good Day. At the end of the set he was joined by fellow WYBH crew members Hayake, CHOILB, Kim Seungmin and Giriboy and Indio Music label mate Justhis for songs like vv2, IndiGO and Flex, which made the crowd go particularly wild. Jvcki Wai was also set to appear, but was unable due to personal issues.

Although the show was centred around the release of Kid Milli’s new mini album, it wasn’t necessarily the focus. He played the mini album in almost all it’s entirety, yet there was no real emphasis placed on those songs. They were just a part of a wider set; a set that flowed well from old songs to new, to old again. Trap heavy songs like his breakthrough track Homono received the same hyped, whole room singing reaction as the more mellowed sydney, hongkong. So rather than being a showcase for his mini album LIFE, it was a showcase of Kid Milli’s life itself or his life as an artist, at least.

Although the feeling that the concert was centred around the release of his mini album was somewhat under emphasised, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. What it did was to prove Kid Milli’s versatility as an artist.

While the concert at Hongdae’s MUV Hall was set to highlight the release of Kid Milli’s new mini album LIFE, what the show actually did was highlight his growth and flexibility as an artist. He was able to evoke the same kind of excitement and fervour in his mellow songs as his high energy songs. Just proving his longevity as artist, even after the Show Me the Money cameras have been turned off.