It’s been a long time coming, but Mayday finally returned to Melbourne 6 years after their Just Rock It Tour in 2012. This time, Mayday brings their highly anticipated LIFE Tour down under.

The Melbourne leg of their Australian stop sold out Hisense Arena on Tuesday 18th of September and fans swarmed into the arena to purchase light sticks, merchandise and was even in luck for some free tattoos and banners.

The show started just after 8:30pm after an introductory video explaining that everyone in life is writing their own autobiography and taking their own journey. Mayday was also shown as superheroes of the world, defeating the bad guys and saving the world.

The members took the stage shortly after with ‘Party Animal’, ‘Don’ts Don’ts’ ‘OAOA’ and ‘Song of Battle’ as fans jumped onto their feet and the atmosphere instantly became hyped up.

The crowd calmed down with ‘Starry Sky’ which was followed by a short break that brought us back with a follow up of the previous video introduction. Being close to reality, instead of superheroes glorified and continuously save the world, Mayday actually end up being fired and try various other jobs such as running a music store etc. Eventually, they get brought to work in LIFE Corporation and still run various errands to make money to get back to becoming superheroes again.

The video ended and the crowd was emotionally lead by Mayday’s ‘You Are Not Truly Happy’. Mayday formally introduced themselves and welcomed fans to Mayday’s LIFE Corporation. They mentioned that they did not expect a full house and are lucky to have fans cover every corner of the arena. Mayday apologised that it took them so long to return back to Melbourne. Monster remembered promising to come back often after their last concert, but in a blink of an eye, it was already 6 years later.

Mayday all sat in a row on stage singing to ‘Song of Laughter and Forgetting’ which was the first song of the night that all five members came together to sing. This was followed by other cheerful and lighthearted tracks such as ‘Love-ING’, ‘Cheers’ ‘Brothers’ and ‘Life Co. Ltd’

It was time to slow things down with Masa taking the stage with a piano solo. This was followed by many of their hit ballads, ‘Almost Famous’, ‘The Yet Unbroken Part of My Heart’, ‘Contentment’, ‘Eternal Summer’ and ‘Tough’.

Once again, we were brought back with a quick video, this time Mayday are retraining their skills to be superheroes. After much practice and raising enough money to restart, they are able to fight back a monster that is the size of 50 Taipei 101’s stacked on top of each other. It mentions that life is a journey that everyone writes, and every decision made will make each individual’s autobiography different to each other.

Everyone was once again jumping and singing along to ‘I Will Carry You’ and ‘Leaving the Surface of the Earth’ before Mayday gave thanks to the fans and sponsors of the show. They explained that the LIFE Tour will soon be coming to an end after more than 100 shows worldwide. To personalise the show to the Melbourne stop, they picked two lucky fans to choose a song for them to perform. ‘Peter & Mary’ and ‘What If We Had Never Met’ were chosen by fans and Ashin forced Guanyou to start off ‘What If We Had Never Met’, which took several shots before he could get it right. They proceeded onto ‘Dokodemo Door’ and ‘People Life, Ocean Wild’ before leaving the stage and the lights dimmed out.

Instead of shouting “encore”, the fans shouted “overtime”, which follows Mayday’s company theme. After many shouts of “overtime”, Mayday returned on stage with their last segment with hits such as ‘I Won’t Let You Be Lonely’, ‘Suddenly Missing You’ and ‘Stubborn’. Hand in hand, the band gathered together and took a bow before concluding their Melbourne leg of the tour.

Despite the concept of the concert being an escape from reality and joining Mayday’s LIFE Corporation – themed around working and doing overtime – it felt more of an adventure or a movie. The videos throughout the night were linked together touching on the theme of how you can create your own autobiography and living life to the fullest.

This was actually my third time seeing Mayday in concert but I didn’t find it repetitive or boring. Mayday always have the magic of leaving you craving for more. Their music is always very heartfelt and positive, which is a great way to relieve stress and get carried away by the energy of the crowd.

I will definitely look forward to Mayday’s return to Australia in the future as well as more of their upcoming music releases.