On Saturday the 2nd of November, 8 members of PENTAGON (Kino, Hui, Yeo One, Hongseok, Shinwon, Jinho, Yuto and Wooseok) were back in the little red dot for the third time, promising a sweet date with Singapore Universe at their PRISM World Tour.

Before the concert started, murmurs of excitement had filled the venue both inside and out. I could hear some lucky Universe exchanging their unforgettable soundcheck experience earlier in the day. I even saw many Universe from Indonesia and Philippines making new friends with the local and Korean Universe. It was really heartwarming to see a fandom so united.

Despite Yanan’s absence due to health issues, PENTAGON showcased an intimately beautiful and energetic stage. I loved how the lights lit up spectacularly as the boys emerged from LED panels looking dapper and intense. I know we were in for a good time when I heard the member’s shouting, “Everybody stand up!”.

Honestly, it was quite a moment. Everyone was so charmed by their undeniable aura. We could only sit in a daze, not believing our eyes, witnessing their intense entrance. Silly us only managed to sit motionless with jaws-dropped. Soon enough everyone was soaring with excitement as the melodies of ‘Sha La La’ echoed throughout the venue.

Their stage presence was almost overwhelming as they tightly executed the sharp choreographies of ‘Gorilla’ and ‘Runaway’. Little did we know what was to come – we were about to be treated to the most humorous K-Pop concert ever!

The sweet boys tried communicating with Universe in English and Singaporean English (Singlish) throughout the concert. They shared that they studied really hard before the show, especially for Singapore Universe.

We must say their comedic Singlish attempts is one of the many highlights of the night. Heongseok humorously charged his members $10 for each translation help. He even proudly showed off the note he prepared before the concert! And he went:

Wa siah, so many chio bu in the audience!

The concert continued to be very much enjoyable as PENTAGON showcased more fun and tight choreography, witty and upbeat hits like ‘Humph!’, ‘Pretty Pretty’ and ‘Skateboard’, inviting fans to get up from their seats and relish in the moment. The boys took us on a rollercoaster emotional ride as they catch us off-guard with a sensual rendition of ‘Havana’ featuring Hongseok‘s abs and highly energetic ‘Uptown Funk’.

Fans sang, grooved, and waved along with the idols to feel-good tracks such as ‘Naughty Boy’. Just when we thought the fan chants could not get louder, everyone was perfectly in sync with PENTAGON during ‘Critical Beauty’ and ‘Shine’.

The vocalists of the group also awed us with their beautiful vocal range in sentimental tracks such as ‘When It Rains At Night’ and ‘Till…’. Even though we wish for the moment would last forever, everything flew by so quickly. We were soon onto our last two songs, ‘Thumbs Up’ and ‘Spectacular’.

With a promise to come back to Singapore again, PENTAGON wrapped their ‘Spectacular’ stage with a much celebrated success as fans cheered on with their loudest screams and applauses, and sang along with every performance.

PENTAGON has definitely grown to become better musicians and we can’t help but feel proud of their growth and achievements, as well as how far they’ve come. They are still as passionate, energetic, and humble as before, and the show that they put up that evening was absolutely the way how a live concert should be held. We are sure that Universe in attendance had an amazing time!