Beast’s release of their first full-length album “Fiction and Fact” in 2011 was right around the time when I was really snowballing in love with K-Pop. I remember “Fiction” being on repeat for a long time, shuffling around my house. Of course it was also all about the “Shock” (every day every night!). So I remember in 2011 Beast being one of the groups I was most looking forward to seeing live, and they didn’t disappoint. Their stage (even of only three songs) was one of my favourites of the evening and I remember thinking how I would love to see more of them live. And so it was with great excitement that I attended Beast’s return to Australia (FINALLY) with their “Ordinary” fanmeet in Sydney on Friday night!

The atmosphere around Big Top was already a little different from that of a concert, everyone seemed much more relaxed. More friendly like. Everyone was ready to enjoy some up close interactions with the boys! As usual we were treated to some pre-performance videos and the excitement slowly builds to the arrival of our host, SBS PopAsia’s Jamaica. Are we ready to meet Beast? Sure are Jamaica!


The boys opened the fanmeet with one of their latest releases, the suitable choice “Yey” which got everyone all excited and ready to dance along to the favourite “Good Luck” flicks hands. The boys paused for a little intro break at this point, accompanied by our lovely translator Abigail (who did a fabulous job for the evening, quickly translating between Beasts and Beauties). After the sweat towels were returned the boys performed an unreleased track from their new album, entitled “I Think I Love You” which was all kinds of poppy and colourful. Setting the atmosphere to begin the games!

Lots were drawn from raffle tickets handed out to attendees, and six lucky fangirls soon found themselves on stage paired with a member and ready to compete! The game? Each member will listen to a song through headphones (so only he can hear) and he will hum that song for the Beauty to guess. Sounds pretty easy right? It seems not at all, ha! Absolutely hilarious to watch and listen though, as the guys determinedly and somewhat awkwardly try to hum out the likes of “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport”, “Happy Little Vegemites” and “I Am Australian”.

Eventually a winner had to be picked through the old reliable favourite “Kai Bai Bo”, but really we were all winners because Beast were readying themselves to perform again! This time the mood was all the emotions, with “12:30”, “On Rainy Days” and “Midnight”. Beautiful with the crowd awash with the fan-organised blue hand lights. Singing everything live, the boys easily hit all their notes and sounded, if not more, wonderful performing live than even on recordings.


Next it was time to test the boys skills with balloon dart popping! If we could drag them away from the table of prizes that is… Especially that face massager. Put it down Dongwoon! Although I’m sure the recipient wouldn’t have minded the boys faces all over it. Winning the Dart Game with three hits in a row was… Yoseob! Proving his skills beyond just those epic power ballad lungs.

And then things got really exciting, for in the next concert set the boys performed “Shadow” and my old favourites “Shock” and “Fiction”! I must admit I got pretty over-excited here and preceded to bounce and dance about happily. And then there was “Beautiful Night”, a final goodbye and an encore (of the fitting “Encore”) and Beast waved and smiled and dance and sang and happy thanked their Sydney Beauties.

Of course this was fanservice galore. Not only because of the direct Beast/Beauty interactions, but because of all the time the boys spent looking out into the crowd and smiling and waving and gesturing to signs, to throwing their towels and drink bottles to eager hands, to talking about visiting Sydney. The boys had spent the day wandering around the city, visiting St Mary’s Cathedral and the Opera House, and even heading over to Bondi Beach. Of course they said that although all these places were very beautiful, to them the most beautiful was looking out into the faces of all their Beauties at the fanmeet. N’AWWW BEAST.


The boys seemed really lovely and sweet. Although this wasn’t a concert they really put in the effort into each of the performances, showing us their stage prowess. The interaction time provided a really nice opportunity to feel like we were getting to know the boys, and everything was wonderfully calm and friendly. It was a really nice atmosphere!

Honestly I was actually a little hesitant about the concept of a “Fanmeet” here, thinking I would much prefer a concert. But Beast’s fanmeet here in Sydney changed my mind, and if it were possible I’d say we create a mash-up of both, a fancert? A Conmeet? And if they can’t be mashed into one evening, let us have both! I really liked the structure of the fanmeet and the feeling of “togetherness” (cliché I know) that it created. Consider my mind happily changed! Thank-you Beast!

Every day I’m shock, every night I’m shock… hums

Photos by Johnny Au