South Korean superstars BIGBANG were in town on 2nd October for the Singapore leg of their MADE V.I.P Tour, which had G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri making the rounds in Asia for the better part of 2016 to meet dedicated fans. Unfortunately, T.O.P was unable to attend last night’s event due to scheduling conflicts, but the other four members more than held their own during the sold out show. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights of the night!

Seungri’s language skills

Any V.I.P worth their salt would be able to tell you that Seungri is fluent, or near-fluent in several other languages in addition to Korean. Last night, he proved his eloquence in both English and Mandarin beyond a doubt, easily switching between both as he bantered with fans and teased his group members. He definitely got the biggest (and most well-deserved) laughs of the night, and was so affable and charming that even the emcee, a DJ from a local radio show, declared him her favorite member in the band!

Fan service kings

Knowing how to show appreciation for their fans is one of the first few lessons any entertainer learns, and last night, BIGBANG showed that they understood that better than anyone. Fan service was rampant, especially with the four lucky fans who were picked to go onstage to play games with their favorite idols. Fans were greeted with long, veering-into-awkward-territory hugs, and when Seungri pseudo-dared G-Dragon to plant a kiss on the fan he chose, the latter unreservedly went for it—but in forced perspective, of course!


The games

Fan meets are all about having silly fun, so the night officially kicked off with BIGBANG playing Couple Ping Pong. G-Dragon and Daesung were up against Taeyang and Seungri, but with one obstacle—the teams had to play while wearing a couple shirt! After many misses and flubs, Team Taeyang/Seungri finally emerged victorious at the end of an intense rally.

The winning streak continued for Seungri in the second game, which had BIGBANG pairing up with their chosen fans to transport dolls from one end of the stage to the other with tools they drew. Still, there were only winners that night on stage, as every fan walked away with personally signed stuffed dolls from BIGBANG, as well as other goodies!

The next segment was picking BIGBANG’s Big Fan, the number one fan who’s dressed up most creatively for the night! The final three entries were a fan bedecked in head to toe red, in the style of Coup D’etat-era G-Dragon; a recreation of Daesung’s legendary saran wrapped face in Running Man (our personal favorite!); and a cosplay of the YG Entertainment building in Korea. The Daesung entry was the unanimous winner, but BIGBANG were highly impressed by the creativity and cleverness of all the entries.

Their undeniable stage presence

Following a short break offstage after the games ended, BIGBANG returned to the stage to perform a few tracks off their latest album, including fan favorites like Loser, Bang Bang Bang, If You, and Bad Boy, driving the audience wild. Each member’s personal charisma shone during the individual stages, and the GD x Taeyang unit also made a return for a rousing, attitude-filled performance of Good Boy! Capping off the night were party mixtape essentials We Like 2 Party and Fantastic Baby, which had the crowd up on their feet, jumping and dancing along enthusiastically. When it comes to hyping up the crowd, there’s no one who does it better than veteran performers BIGBANG.

At the end of the night, the members reiterated how happy they were to see Singapore V.I.Ps again. Seungri professed his love for Singapore, especially for the people and the food, and even gave a special shout out to chili crab. G-Dragon thanked fans for coming, and said that they’ll be back really soon—with a new album! We’re pretty sure we’re echoing the sentiments of all V.I.Ps in Singapore and around the world by saying we can’t wait. See you again soon, BIGBANG!