A little more than a year later, our favourite boy band group made it back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! BIGBANG came sans one member for a second round of their “MADE V.I.P. Tour”, but more than made up for it by putting up a show to remember. With loads of paper confetti and blasts of smoke, Big Bang certainly shows that they still have what it takes to captivate their audience.

My heart was still crying a little bit out for T.O.P, but Seungri and Daesung’s antics more than made up for TOP’s absence. From Seungri showing off his command of Malay to Taeyang’s slick dance moves, Big Bang delivered the entire repertoire off their latest album, MADE, plus a few fan favorites. Seungri’s rattling off phrases of Malay gained the approval of the Malaysia fans, who appreciated that he took the time to try and learn their language.


Before getting into the performance, fans had the chance to watch Big Bang’s interactions through a couple of games. I was kind of expecting them to call up a few fans from the audience, but I had to make do with watching Seungri and G-Dragon fight it out with Daesung and Taeyang through various games like couple ping pong and rescue the bottle. Daesung’s competitiveness with Seungri’s completely misguided faith in himself made the audience laugh. Seungri was really great at getting at entire stadium to cheer him on with just a raise of his arms, greatly hyping up the mood.


Four lucky fans managed to get signed dolls by the members who drew out the seat numbers from a lucky draw box, and one lucky fan even managed to get a doll that Taeyang kissed before promptly throwing it into the crowd during his set! One of highlights of the night was the “Fan Of The Night”, where hardcore fans dressed up as the member of their choice. Most of the entries were emulating fashion star G-Dragon, and one guy nearing his fifties even dyed his hair pink like Taeyang’s in the “Bang Bang Bang” music video, but the winning entry was one of Daesung which won hands down.


Each member had their time to shine, with a solo stage that truly allowed to see their various personalities. Seungri was slick and suave with sharp dance moves in “Clap“, whilst Daesung was adorably cute with a trot-like song, “Look At Me, Gwisoon” which best suits his voice that night (in my honest opinion). Taeyang performed one of his biggest solo hits, “Eyes, Nose, Lips”, casting a whimsical spell over the fans as the yellow crowns twinkled away in the night before G-Dragon hyped things back up with “Crooked”.


If there is something that BIGBANG is not short of, its energy and stage presence. They powered through each song, but every moment seemed to last an eternity. With shimmery confetti in the cool night air, the music seemed to disappear into the night as the fans danced away the night.

Just before they left, Taeyang promised that they will be back with new songs and a new album, and that all the VIPs should wait for them. Well, of course we will! What with all the rumours of BIGBANG disbanding becasue of the impending army requirement, there’s nothing like reassurance from the band themselves that they’ll be back!