South Korean rapper CJamm performed at Super Sydney on Friday night to a large crowd of partygoers. Reviewer Joanna Chen went along to check out the action.

The rapper, whose real name is Ryu Sung Min, made his first mainstream TV appearance through rap survival show Show Me The Money Season 3, and rose to fame last year through Show Me The Money Season 5, where he took the runner-up prize behind fellow crew-mate and long-time friend BewhY.

It comes as no surprise, then, that CJamm also follows after his $exy $treet crew member to perform at the same venue – BewhY graced Sydney with a performance at Super Sydney in September last year to a large crowd who rapped (read: shouted) and danced along to all of his songs, and on Friday night, CJamm took the very same stage.

Known for his charismatic stage presence and spontaneity during his live performances, CJamm kicked off the night after a line-up of guest DJs and rappers with his arguably most well-known track, ‘Just Music’ (걍 음악이다) – a remix featuring VASCO, Nochang, and BewhY.

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This was followed by ‘Good Night’, from his ‘Good Boy Doing Bad Things’ album which was released in 2015.

And the first ment of the evening, where he said hello to the crowds as he took a water break. “Today, we’re going to have a hell lot of fun,” he said, as everyone cheered. “All of the time I’ve spent in Sydney so far has been a good time. But when I go back to Korea and think of Sydney, this moment right now is the moment I’ll remember and think of the most.”

He then launched straight into hit track ‘Most Wanted’ (현상수배) – a collaborative track with rapper Reddy produced for Show Me The Money 5, where he competed in Team Zion.T and Kush.


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CJamm expressed his disappointment that he couldn’t speak English well to communicate with the English speakers in the crowd, yelling out, “Sorry Australia, my English is f***ed up!” (in perfect English, I might add). He mentioned he was in the middle of preparing for his new album, and then segued into an odd comment about rainy weather – which made sense afterwards because the next track he performed was titled ‘Rain Showers’, a collaborative track between rappers Swings, Giriboy, and CJamm.

And then… photo opportunity time! There were lots of people crowding around the front with phones and cameras up recording, and CJamm mentioned that while he doesn’t hate it when the audience takes photos, it’s not great to do while he’s rapping or performing as people aren’t watching and absorbing the performance properly. “Let’s take a dope photo!” he said, and struck a couple of poses, requesting people get all their selfies and shots in now, then enjoy the music.

The next song: ‘Ride the Horse’, a track by labelmate Vasco, featuring Nochang and CJamm. CJamm performed only his verse of this song.

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Following straight on, CJamm performed the Just Music remix of Vasco’s song ‘Money’ (돈)

For me, the next moment was probably the highlight of the night. Sitting down on the DJ deck, CJamm made a long and heartfelt address to the audience.

“There are a bunch of you here who can understand Korean, so I have more I want to say than I thought,” he started. “From the time since I was in middle school, I wanted to be a rapper. I started official activities as a rapper from the age of 21. And my friends from middle school, from primary school, and from high school, told me that they’re jealous and that my life is cool. But when I was in primary, middle, and high school, I never heard those words once. Do you know what I mean?

“That’s why I want everyone here to live the life that they’re thinking of, from now on and for a long time. I’m not living my life this way because I was born special. I’m just living true to myself. That’s why you should all choose to live a cool life that only you can.”

Claiming it was the last song of the night, he performed his part of ‘Puzzle’, a track he collaborated on with BewhY.

But no performance is complete without an encore, and CJamm brought the night to an actual close with his brand new track ‘Back for More’, which was just released on his SoundCloud. Halfway through the performance, he jumped off the stage into the crowd – cue screaming!

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All in all, the showcase was a solidly planned event with a well-curated setlist. CJamm showed off his precise and sharp style of rapping and showmanship perfectly in the short time he had onstage, even taking off his shirt and other accessories to give to fans in the crowd. Even for those not as familiar with his music, the sheer energy and hype emanating from both the audience and performers on the night – helped by catchy and repetitive hooks from the songs – would’ve made anyone jam along.

CJamm is under the label Just Music, which houses rappers Swings, Vasco, Nochang, Giriboy, and Black Nut. If you liked his songs above, check out the Just Music YouTube page here and his SoundCloud here. A selection of his music is also available on Spotify.

This review of CJamm’s Sydney showcase was held at Super Sydney on 21 April 2017. Reviewed by Joanna Chen.