Day6 has successfully concluded their Melbourne stop of their Youth World Tour last night at Palais Theatre.

The piercing wind on cold winter’s night did not stop the buzz and energy coming from My Day’s waiting in line for entry outside the Palais Theatre on Friday 10th August.

The five member kpop band that debuted in 2015 and have produced a variety of different tunes with their two full studio albums and three EP’s. Melbourne fans were in for a treat having the band perform outside of Asia the very first time!

The lights went out as Day6 individually made an entrance on stage and took their place. The night started with their soft rock tracks, ‘I Smile’ ‘First Time’ and ‘Better Better’ with the bands beautiful vocals echoing through the theatre.

Before you knew it, the atmosphere was already getting hot as fans jumped onto their feet for ‘Say Wow’ ‘Pouring’ and ‘Somehow’. Day6 formally introduced themselves with Wonpil starting off trying hard to speak english but sliding Korean words in between causing the theatre to burst into laughter. Jae also mentioned that Melbourne is such a beautiful city and the band was honoured to be here.

It was time to slow things down with the ballad section of the night starting with the whole crowd singing ‘I Need Somebody’ together, as well as hit tracks such as ‘I Wait’ and ‘How Can I Say’.

Day6 was overwhelmed by the love they were receiving and mentioned that this cold winter’s night has become so hot because of My Day’s crazy energy. Dowoon also tried to explain that it was so hot he was sweating, but it came out as “I like sweat” which also caused everyone to giggle at his adorable remark.

After a short chat, everyone was back on their feet dancing and singing to ‘Dance Dance’. The whole theatre also joined in clapping along to ‘What Can I Do’ which was both heartwarming and soothing.

Their latest title track ‘Shoot Me’ not only became a massive singalong but also a signal for all My Day’s to carry out their pre planned fan project. The whole theatre became an ocean of banners saying “Shoot Love For Me” that was written in Korean. The boys also acknowledged the fan project with Jae thanking fans for their hard work and saying that Melbourne is amazing.

Jae was also able to spot a grandfather in the front rows that was taking his granddaughter to see them. And took the opportunity to give a shout out to all the parents who have taken their kids to the show and expressed his gratitude.

Day6 announced that the next corner was time for some singalong and left the whole first verse of ‘Congratulations’ for the fans. And Melbourne My Day’s didn’t disappoint and sung along perfectly! More emotional tracks were up next with ‘You Were Beautiful’ ‘I Loved You’ ‘I Like You’ and ‘Letting Go’ showcasing how powerful Day6’s vocals can be.

Time flies when you’re having fun because in a blink of an eye, the night was starting to come to an end with the members expressing how grateful they are to be in Melbourne with such a great turnout. Sungjin mentioned he was quite nervous since this was their first stop of their world tour outside of Asia and he was surprised by how many My Day’s that attended. Young K mentioned that he is living his youth, but he is giving it all to My Day’s because they are doing the same. That “our youth is yours too”  summarising their Youth Tour wonderfully.

The last segment of the show was the peak of the night as adrenaline filled the air and fans jumped and sang to ‘Freely’. This was topped when the boys jumped off stage to run up and down the aisle for ‘Sing Me’ creating a giant mosh inside the Palais Theatre. Day6 gathered back on stage, took a bow and concluded their first leg in Australia.

Often when you think of a kpop concert, you’re often met with flashy outfits, synchronised choreography and a visual overdose. With Day6 though, it was back to the root of the music. You often hear that the drummer is the heart of the band and you really do experience it first hand hearing how energetic and passionate it is live. The crowd’s energy was high from the very first song with no intention of dropping at any point in time. For that reason, I did feel the venue was lacking and did not really match the atmosphere of the show. With the crowd up on their feet for most the night, it may have been more suitable for a standing venue instead of a seated theatre.

I was thoroughly impressed by Day6’s performance and will definitely look forward to their future releases. For those who don’t want to miss out, it’s still not too late to get your hands on tickets for Sunday night’s Sydney show!