Alternative R&B Singer-songwriter DEAN recently sold out tickets to his debut performance in New York at the famous Copacabana within just three minutes of ticket sales launching. A pre-party, organized by SIVA Group, took place at SYNDROME 42 in New York City, on June 3rd, giving fans an additional opportunity to see DEAN up-close and personal.

The venue featured various DJs, starting off with DJ Sanchez, who hyped the crowd by remixing songs from popular South Korean artists such as BIG BANG, 2NE1, and AOMG, with various charted American Pop songs.


After DJ Sanchez’s set, SIVA’s rapper and former Show Me the Money contestant, Milan took the stage. His rapping fired up the crowd and next up was the headliner of that night’s pre-party, DEAN.

Fans screamed as DEAN walked on stage and gave a huge smile to the crowd. Although this pre-party featured a limited set of songs, DEAN took the opportunity to perform some of his best hits such as “Put My Hands on You,” “21,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “I’m Not Sorry.” The crowd went wild when DEAN put on a cap and showed off his moves; DEAN even sang to a few lucky fans’ phones and serenaded a couple of fans, as well.


It was definitely a night no one would forget. DEAN’s charisma and performance definitely impacted fans. DEAN performed at The Copacabana in Times Square, New York on June 4th. The R&B songwriter-singer will also be at this year’s KCON LA which will take place from July 29th-31st.