Lucky you, if you went to EXO’s Los Angeles concert on 28th, because it was the very last finale of the EXO’rDIUM Tour that started off last year in Seoul. While Lay was unable to join the tour due to his commitments in China, the remaining eight members were unbelievably energetic despite their restless tour schedule. Although they flew straight off to LA right after their Mexico concert, the boys didn’t look exhausted at all. Their last performance was more powerful than ever throughout the three hours.

The group opened the show with “MAMA,” which was followed by other strong tracks, “Monster” and “Wolf.” Although Kai, Lay, and Sehun have been the main dancers of EXO, Baekhyun became the first member to showcase a solo dance in “Wolf.” The next slow numbers, from “White Noise” to “Thunder” and “Playboy,” were definitely a highlight for the dancers to show off their sex appeal. Despite the standout moments with the group’s cane dance and Kai’s solo dance in “Artificial Love,” fans missed Kai, Sehun, and Lay’s dance break in the rain as “One and Only” was left out from the setlist.

After a short video of EXO members inviting EXO-L to their virtual dorm, the members casually sat down on the stage and started to sing an acoustic medley of “My Lady,” “My Turn to Cry,” “Moonlight,” “Call Me Baby,” “Love, Love, Love” and “Lady Luck” with Chanyeol’s guitar accompaniment. Kai and Sehun occasionally came to the front and danced, while D.O, Chen, Suho, and Xiumin fully immersed themselves in singing. Perhaps non-Korean fans may not have noticed when D.O. changed the “Call Me Baby” lyrics from “Even if I have to go far away, I will be the only man by your side” to “Even if I have to go back to Korea, I will be the only man by your side.” It was also surprising to see the majority of fans enthusiastically following the lyrics during the acoustic medley. After another short video of the members’ goofy, clownish dance moves, the boys reappeared on stage in light blue shirts and white pants and performed “Heaven,” “Girl x Friend,” and “3.6.5.,” switching cutesy images as bright and naive boys.

Although Lay was absent, his appearance on the screen along with Kai and Sehun was strong enough to draw bigger shouts from EXO-Ls. After the powerful performances of “Overdose,” “Transformer,” and “Lightsaber,” Suho mentioned that he feels so good and that “LA is my favorite place in the world.” Suho started to sing “City of Stars,” the famous number from movie La La Land, and asked D.O. to continue singing the song. The leader also imitated the dance moves of “Another Day of Sun,” the film’s opening number. After the short talk, the group moved into faster tracks such as “Do It Together,” “Full Moon,” and “Drop That,” where Chanyeol definitely stood out as a multitalented artist. Chanyeol demonstrated his electronic guitar solo performance by playing segments of “Growl” and “Drop That,” while also turning the venue into an EDM party house as a DJ in the track “Keep On Dancing.” This track was expected to be the climax of the show, although compared to their Asian Tour, this party moment was not rich enough (perhaps due to the lack of time, beatlight sticks, and the laser show) to boost up the mood.

Throughout the show, Suho did not forget his duty as the leader of the group. He was fully in charge of the talk and tried endlessly to communicate directly with fans in English without the translator. While he politely asked fans to remain safe in their designated seats, Suho also warned the “beagle-dol” members when they were out of control, especially when Chanyeol was playing around with fans without listening to Suho. It was interesting to see how the stage instantly changed into a fan meet site when EXO-Ls threw letters and funny masks and Chanyeol responded by wearing Spider-Man and owl masks as part of fan service. As a sweet surprise event, fans sang “Happy Birthday” to Baekhyun whose birthday was on the first week of May, and the birthday boy responded with aegyo by shooting little finger hearts to EXO-Ls.

The encore tracks were “Growl,” “Lucky One,” and “Into Your World (Angel),” although the members rather focused on waving hands and having eye contacts with their fans as much as they could, instead of performing a synchronized dance. The mischievous boys left the encore stage, singing “I Love You Baby” and shouting “Thank you, LA! Bye-bye!” Most importantly, no one got hurt during the show, so congrats to both EXO and EXO-Ls for successfully wrapping up the long journey of EXO’rDIUM.

Set List:

  1. MAMA
  2. Monster
  3. Wolf
  4. White Noise
  5. Thunder+Playboy
  6. Artificial Love
  7. (Acoustic Medley) My Lady+My Turn to Cry+Moonlight+Call Me Baby+Love, Love, Love+Lady Luck
  8. Tender Love
  9. Love Me Right
  10. Stronger
  11. Heaven
  12. Girl X Friend
  13. 3.6.5
  14. Overdose
  15. Transformer
  16. Lightsaber
  17. Do It Together
  18. Full Moon
  19. Drop That
  20. EXO Keep On Dancing
  21. Lucky
  22. Run
  23. Growl
  24. Lucky One
  25. Angel

Photos by Jeongin Lee.