What is it like to be one of the biggest stars in Kpop and the world?

G-Dragon, or Kwon Ji Yong if you want to go by his real name, has solidified himself in the ranks of celebrities as both the leader of Big Bang and as an icon in the music and fashion world. He’s even become the ambassador of Chanel, and we heard that his luggage is stuffed full of the latest Chanel pieces as he jets around the world.

As Big Bang takes a break while the members all take their turns serving the nation, G-Dragon reflects on himself in his latest self-titled album, Kwon Ji Yong.

To VIPs, G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong are synonymous, but Kwon Ji Yong says that they are two different personas. Act III, M.O.T.T.E, G-Dragon’s current world tour is all about taking us past the façade and getting a closer and more personal look at Kwon Ji Yong.

Here’s why you should definitely catch G-Dragon while he is in town.

New songs, old songs, and everything in between

It seems like every single song that G-Dragon puts out becomes a classic. Starting out with one of his biggest hits ever, Heartbreaker, get ready for a non-stop barrage of memories as G-Dragon delivers one of the most heart-stopping performances.

The second part of the concert then moves on to the middle part of his career, when he is trying to find his footing as both G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong. Backed with a live band, you won’t regret coming to the concert at all as the singer presents hyped-up remix version of MichiGO, That XX and Missing You.

Pyrotechnics, suave visuals, and a mindblowing experience

The entire show was designed to flow as a story of Kwon Ji Yong’s life in the spotlight. With scratchy vocals and a 90s getup complete with rattails, G-Dragon rocks the retro vibes, complete with resplendent visuals.

Awash in red, the videos are a testament to G-Dragon’s charismatic appeal. From addictive DNA spirals to a video which asks the people close to Kwon Ji Yong about his dual identities, we are given a peek into how G-Dragon lives his lives. It’s very heartwarming to see his close friends, mentors, and family all talk about him as a person, and not as an idol.

A more raw, personal look at Kwon Ji Yong

The singer introduced himself with his real name, and talked about his dual identities as G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong. “I’m always trying to look good when I dress up as ‘GD’, but sometimes it feels too burdensome, and I’m kind of afraid to take this off.”

Which would explain why the last part of the concert was dedicated to finding out about Kwon Ji Yong as himself, and thus inspired the concert title – Act III: M.O.T.T.E. With the latest songs off his recent album, G-Dragon gives a little peak into what it’s like to be one of the biggest stars in the world. Middle Fingers Up is about people trying to get close to him because of his fame, while Bullshit talks about how fake everything becomes.

But cynical as he is, he’s still got a sense of humor about him. He thanks his fans for coming all the way to see him. “I can never ever forget this precious time with all of you. I know we may come from many different countries and are sometimes far away from each other, but I believe htat we are always ‘connected’… like a USB.” G-Dragon laughs at his own joke.

G-Dragon even ends with Untitled, 2014, and calls it a love song. Hmmm, I think it’s about Kiko Mizuhara, but Ji Yong just smiles and sings his heart out as he dedicates it to all his fans. The heartbreaking song had everyone chanting out his name as a means of encouragement, which had the singer adorably thanking everyone for loving him and showing loads of finger hearts.

Probably the last time you’ll see G-Dragon on stage?

For now at least. G-Dragon insinuated that he’ll be heading off to the army after his world tour. “I have to go somewhere soon,” he shares with a military salute. “For maybe one and a half, maybe two years. So this might be my last show for the next two years.”

G-Dragon totally owns the stage unlike any other Big Bang stage. Conspicuously missing from the entire show was any reference to his role in Big Bang until the end of the concert where he thanks VIPs for getting him to where he is right now.

Even as Kwon Ji Yong shared that he doesn’t know if he will be coming back at all after he is discharged, we will all be waiting for his return! Until then, we will have the memories of Act III, M.O.T.T.E. to keep with us satiated.

Act III, M.O.T.T.E. will be heading to Australia in August, and tickets are available soon!

Photos courtesy of YG Entertainment