GOT7 has reached their third leg of their Australian fan meeting and the hype does not stop there. Eager IGOT7s from Melbourne were finally able to see the boys live in action on Sunday April 23rd at the PlenaryMelbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Although the show was set to start at 7.30pm, IGOT7s filled the foyer with excitement and with long lines of fans purchasing merchandise long before the show starts.

The doors finally opened and fans rush inside, eagerly awaiting the start of the show. Many IGOT7’s were happily singing and cheering to the background music prior to the boys entrance!

Roughly at 7:50pm, the curtains were revealed and six silhouettes are seen rustling behind. But due to a technical fault, the curtains never ever (pun intended) seem to fall. So the cheeky members provided an amazing impromptu performance of “Never Ever” featuring some beat boxing to entertain fans. Despite the clever time filler, the curtains still remained up and GOT7 was hurried off stage with staff coming up and pulling off the curtain physically.

The boys finally walked back on stage starting the fanmeet off with “Q” and “Sign” which melted the hearts of many IGOT7s.

The MCs for the night, Andy Trieu and David Park welcomed the members back on stage and the boys gave a short introduction. The members explained that Youngjae was unable to join them this time round due to an injury, but he did prerecord a video for fans expressing his disappoint in missing this tour. This was followed by a variety of different games such as sharing some confessions, cheek to cheek (which gave fans their much anticipated skinship) and double speed dance.

Not to anyone’s surprise, the members were so good at the double speed dance a winner couldn’t be picked. Since they boys were split into group A and B, a rematch was demanded! Let’s just say Jackson, Bambam and Jinyoung did a little better; which left Mark, JB and Yugyeom facing punishment. That being….. more double speed dancing! (Picked by throwing a dart at the punishment board).

The trio had to dance a third time to double speed leaving them slightly exhausted. Luckily the boys were given a quick break while fans were shown behind the scenes footage to the making of “Never Ever”.

GOT7 returned on stage bringing their killer choreography through “Fly” and “Skyway”. But a 180 degrees mood change happened when the members decided to thank the fans for bringing them to Melbourne and expressing how much they love IGOT7s and Australia! The members promised fans that they will return and hope that everyone will be happy and healthy until they meet again.

The long awaited fan favourite “Hard Carry” and their latest release “Never Ever” had fans singing along and cheering through the roof!

Despite leaving the stage, fans were hyped up and eager for more! Fans chanted “GOT7! GOT7! GOT7!” until the boys returned with their encore stage! At this point, everyone was out of their seats and the venue was transformed into a rave party! Fans were jumping up and down, and a sea of green light sticks seen bouncing up and down.

The group ended up huddling together one last time to say their final group greeting and goodbyes to the Melbourne crowd. Let’s hope the withdrawal symptoms aren’t that bad Melbourne fans!

This review of GOT7 Global Fan Meeting in Australia was held at Plenary, Melbourne on 23 April 2017.

Photos by Rebecca Houlden. See her full photo gallery HERE.