K-pop composer Kim Hyeongseok’s label Kiwi Media Group has finally presented seven members of GWSN who released their first album The Park In The Night.

The group name GWSN is an abbreviation of its Korean name Gongwon Sonyeo (“Girls in the Park”). Just like the characteristic of “park,” where anyone can go and rest and dream of their future, the group wishes to offer vision and dreams to everyone by becoming friends with them. GWSN member Seokyeong stated that “We thought we had enough on-site experience through busking activities but we’re again getting nervous on this debut showcase stage. But we can rely on each other as a group and because this debut showcase is only a beginning, we feel like we should work harder.”

Anne, Seokyoung, and Minjoo explained the meaning of GWSN in three ways—First, just like anyone can get relaxed at a park, Girls in the Park (GWSN) wish anyone to listen to their songs, get relaxed and further dream about their future at the park. Second, WSN refers to the three directions—west, south, and north—while G refers to the ground, which includes all directions; in other words, GWSN aims to let everyone around the world listen to their music. Lastly, “park” in Korean is “gongwon”—because “gong” refers to 0 (“gong” or “yeong”) and “won” refers to 1, the group name means that the girls are forever (“yeong-won”) one when they are together.

Their debut album The Park In The Night Pt.1 includes six songs, from the title song “Puzzle Moon” to “Shy Shy,” “Let It Grow,” “YOLOWA,” “Melting Point,” and “Lulluby,” which altogether constitute an anthology of short stories with diverse genres including synth pop, future R&B, and ballad. The title song of deep house genre, “Puzzle Moon,” tells a story that when they put the moon-shaped puzzle together, girls will find their selves and realize their dreams. The music video is directed by FantazyLab, which also made music videos of the best K-pop artists, such as Zico, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and WINNER. The girls also appreciated their producer-composer Kim Hyeongseok for encouraging them to work hard with sincerity.

The girls performed “Puzzle Moon” and “YOLOWA,” which beautifully demonstrate the dream-like concept of the group. While the members seemed nervous during the talk, they became professionals when they showcased their new songs. As part of their pre-debut promotion, GWSN successfully hosted their solo fanmeet in Tokyo, Japan on August 10 and in Seoul, Korea on August 15; their fan showcase was sold out in 3 minutes on August 28. Their reality show GOT YA! GWSN is on air on Mnet at 7:30PM on Thursdays.

Photos courtesy of Kiwi Media Group