iKon have had an amazing year so far. From topping Billboard Korea’s charts with their hit song Love Scenario to being named as the top artist for the first half of 2018 according to Genie Music, iKon have really shown their strengths as a group as they embarked on their first solo world tour. We were lucky enough to score a glimpse of their talent on Thursday night as they played in Sydney for the first time in their Continue Tour, performing some of their biggest hits as well as side tracks, solo performances and sub-unit performances.

An ocean of red lit up the Big Top stage in Luna Park on Thursday night, and with a low rumbling and the cries of fans desperate to see their faves up close and personal, the night kicked off with a bang, or should I say bling, as iKon performed their first song of the night Bling Bling. Dressed smartly in bedazzled red suits, it was clear from the start the amount of charisma that the boys possess and emit, as they walked down the stairs to the main stage to the next song Sinosijak (Remix).

After performing their debut song Rhythm Ta (Rock remix), iKon took a break to introduce themselves and interact with the fans a bit (can we just be straight up and say that Jay is a HUGE flirt, not that we aren’t digging it), before mellowing it down for the next few songs. A short but sweet interlude saw Bobby and B.I. playing with fans in a cute game that saw Bobby lose and be forced to perform aegyo while imitating a wombat, followed by the introduction of the vocal team in their performance Perfect, before B.I. and Bobby brought out their charm again for their solo and duo songs One and Only, Holup and Anthem.

The next few songs were an eclectic mix that saw the whole group together again, performing songs from their debut all the way up to their most recent album, before performing the hit song that saw them rise to the top of the Korean charts, Love Scenario, in an awe-inspiring 3 and a half minutes of perfect unison between fans and artists as the audience sang along at the top of their lungs.

Time really flew by, and before long it was time to say goodbye to iKON, as they performed Goodbye Road, and waved the crowd goodbye. But of course, like any other good concert, the audience was not willing to let them part just yet, as they returned for an encore, performing Love Scenario and Rhythm Ta once again, as well as Don’t Let Me Know and Dumb and Dumber. But this time is was really goodbye, and in a blink of an eye, two hours with iKON slipped away.

iKON really brought out their all on Thursday. The set list selection was superb, showcasing their classic songs, more underrated tunes, as well as the diverse range both the vocal and rap team bring out. While I wish I could’ve seen more of the group’s dance moves and synergy, it was still nice to see them muck around and have fun on stage, both with each other and the fans. The group is very classically YG in terms of sound and style, but in saying this I felt that iKON really emitted an aura around them that resounded success, determination and confidence, something that can be hard to find in a sea of boy groups.

Sydney was their first stop in the Australian leg of their tour, and as they performed on Saturday at Melbourne, I really hope that Melbourne fans were able to see the same amount of love and energy they had for the stage in Sydney.

iKON are currently embarking on their first world tour for their latest album Continue. After playing in Sydney on the 25th October 2018, they performed in Melbourne on the 27th October. Images courtesy of Award Entertainment.