It’s not often that a rookie group just shy of their first-year debut anniversary gets to promote outside of their home country, much less hold a solo concert tour in eight other countries around the region and counting. For iKON, a group more than aptly named in our opinion, it’s just par for the course. Last night, the septet consisting of B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, and Chanwoo rocked, danced, and charmed their way through a 22-song setlist and straight into the hearts of Malaysian iKONICs. Far from just another stop in their Asian tour, the explosive show is a clear declaration that they’re here to stay!


They can sing just about anything

With powerful screaming riffs, soulful rock ballads, or gritty raps, iKON proved that there’s no musical style they can’t make their own. Opening with “Rhythm Ta”,” Dumb & Dumber”, and the cheeky “Sinosijak”, the charismatic boys effortlessly brought the entire stadium to their feet, bouncing and waving their KONBATs (that’s the official lightstick) in time to the beat. But if you’re thinking that iKON is all about hype tracks designed to get you lit, you’re way off the mark. Mellower numbers like “My Type”, “Apology”, and “#WYD (What You Doing)” proved to be winners too, with the fans enthusiastically singing along to every word.

Not just another boy(s)

No concert worth its salt can be complete without fanservice, and iKON more than delivered on this front. Aside from revisiting pre-debut fan favourites like “Just Another Boy”, “Climax”, and “Long Time No See”, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the cover song segment. Following a video in which the boys debated on acts to cover (with nominations ranging from Psy to 2NE1), they returned to the stage with “Bang Bang Bang”, as a tribute to seniors BIGBANG. To the delight of iKONICs, they followed it with Jinhwan’s solo cover of GFriend’s “Me Gustas Tu” and EXID’s smash hit “Up & Down”, complete with dresses and wigs! Girl group covers are a rite of passage male idol groups have to go through, one which iKON handled with charm, wit, and dare we say… pleasure?

iKON_2 Malaysia 2016

More than body language

Nelson Mandela once said that if you talk to a person in their language, it goes to their hearts, and it sure looks like iKON took this advice very seriously. Aside from conducting their greetings and talks in perfectly—if carefully!—enunciated English, they made an effort to speak the local language too. Their talks are peppered with shouts of ‘bagus’ (which means ‘good’ in Malay), which seemed to be the catchphrase of the day. Chanwoo even greeted the fans with an energetic ‘apa khabar’, or ‘how are you’, prompting thrilled cheers from the fans.


It goes without saying that the iKON’s first ever concert in Malaysia was a roaring success. A successful fan project that had the stadium awash in purple, an encore set that nearly brought the roof down, and iKONICs’ eager participation from beginning to end, this has surely been a show that will successfully make its mark in the hearts of idol and fan alike. In fact, when thanking the fans for making their first show in the country an amazing one, Jinhwan went one further, promising that iKON will return, for sure. Jinhwan, we’re holding you to that!

Rhythm Ta
Dumb & Dumber
My Type
Go (Bobby solo)
Be I (B.I solo)
Wait For Me
I Miss You So Bad
Bang Bang Bang
Me Gustas Tu (Jinhwan solo)
Up & Down
What’s Wrong?
Just Another Boy

Long Time No See
Dumb & Dumber
Rhythm Ta

Photos by IME Malaysia except for photo no.3 by Simin Wong