The weather did not let us down; the sun was hot, and the air was thick. The fans still rushed to all the “Star Live” Q&A’s on the KCON Star Stage. The crowds cheered for EXID and fromis_9 but the tension began to grow for Golden Child, NCT 127, and Wanna One. Fans young and old began to push to get the best photos for their social media memories.

By the evening the younger fans from NY, NJ, Connecticut, and North Carolina. All hovered the entrances to rush to their seats. And as the night before, we were teased with cute videos and animated previews of the talent that awaited us.

Danny Lim once again was MC for the pre-show which featured a dance cover from “Haru,” (winners of the KCON NY Cover Star K 2018 Contest). The performed to Red Velvet’s hits, “Be Natural” and “Look.” Shortly after fans were gifted with autographed towels signed by Pentagon & Stray Kids. The girls screamed as they tried to catch the flying bundles.

The stage went black then as light bursted onto the back area, we could see a line of boys, the rookie group Golden Child. Golden Child is the newest addition to the Woolim Entertainment. And NY was lucky enough to see their debut in the U.S. Their intro consisted of a well-choreographed performance. All the members stormed out to introduce themselves and do a quick cameo. The fans reacted well. Then the lights fade to black and the boys broke into a passionate harmonious song, “Talk.” Following “Talk” was the catchy cute “Damdadi.” This song captured the school boy theme that Golden Child was becoming famous for. They expressed love and appreciation for the NY audience and announced the launch of their debut mini album on July 4 th . The boys finished with the rhythmic sassy song “Crush.”

Two members of Wanna One teased the crowd by introducing fromis_9 and a quick shot for EXID. EXID’s LE bursted on stage a heated rap called “Velvet” and the female fans went crazy. But as soon as she ended. NCT 127’s Mark, Taeyong, and Jaehyun stormed out to excite the fans with “Whiplash.” The
three boys from NCT 127’s left the stage with fans wanting more and the overhead screens hinted fromis_9 was going to perform. Eight adorable members of fromis_9 appeared in school type uniforms. DKDK was their first song. They stopped to introduce themselves. This included cute dances and then a
lead into their next song “22 nd Century Girls.” Adorable graphics danced on the jumbo screens behind them. They finished with the cheerful uplifting “To Heart.”

The crowd was teased, and the lights went up and girls on roller-skates set the stage for EXID. EXID opened with “Lady” and you could hear the females in the audience cheering! They too made a quick introduction and told us how happy they were to be at KCON NY again. The girls announced “DDD” was
the next song and the crowd went wild. There were a lot of bouncing, grinding, and booty shaking, and this just excited the fans more. If I had to describe EXID in 2 words, it would “sultry and sexy.” They then cooled us down with the ballad, “Night Rather than Day.” They tried to teach us the dance to their next hit “Up and Down.” Again, the crowd went wild! Oh my goodness, these ladies are H.O.T., hot, hot, hot.

The buzz was still in the air after EXID as a cute video appeared and the theme of LOVE surfaced and so did Joochan and Jiwon singing “Hawaiian Couple.” NCT 127 after teasing us with Wanna One. You couldn’t even hear the introduction because the screams were so loud. Taeyong appeared and did an intro dance. They then performed “Touch” as the crowd sang along. The choreography was excellent! The soulful vibe motivated fans to dance and you could see light stick waving in the darkness. The members then introduced themselves and did a bit of trivia to with the audience which lead them to show aegyo in English, Japanese, and Spanish. They then sang a U.S. ballad. Ego came into play as they stroke a pose showing their most handsome selves! Then they asked the audience to pose with them. The split screen surprised a few happy fans. “Firetruck” came next and caused a frenzy! Excellent moves and beats heated the air. “Limitless” was smooth and the flashing lights made me feel that I was at a fourth of July fireworks show. “0 Mile” created screams of excitement and chanting. Those light sticks waved to the rhythm. “Cherry Bomb” was their last song and these boys definitely know how to excite a crowd. The crowd roared the lyrics. Well done, NCT 127.

Next the long-awaited act of the night…Wanna One! The 11 members graced the stage, and the crowd’s screams shook the house. The boys started with “Kangaroo” followed by “11 (Eleven)” and then “Hourglass.” The ballad “Forever and a Day” caused the crowd to swoon. I personally had tears in my eyes. “Light” was sassy, sexy and beautifully choreographed. The boys then did a quick introduction speech and then played a mission game in 100 seconds. Then Woolim showed us a dance and a splat screen appeared and some fans were better then the boys and some…were…not! “Beautiful” was next and we all knew the words. The house lights went up and they approached the front of the stage to announced their last song, their debut song, “Energetic.”

The show ended with the groups Golden Child, fromis_9, NCT 127, EXID, and Wanna One parading out. This year was a wonderful show as usual with a feel of the 70s innocence and millennial newness. The stage design, costumes, and music captured decades of beauty and love. CJ did it again!

Photos courtesy of KCON USA