Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the kawaii decora-clad harajuku pop princess of Japan, returned to Sydney last Friday night. Her return marked 2 years since her last concert in 2014 and this time KPP bounced around the Big Top stage at Sydney’s Luna Park. The venue seemed to suit the event perfectly- the surrounding lights, ferris wheel and circus-themes a good precursor to the visuals of the concert itself.

This was my first KPP concert, having missed the previous tour, but I had a bit of an idea what it was going to be like. What I expected was Kyary’s notable colourful outfits and aesthetic, her bubbly eccentric pop songs with their unique lyrics, and her army of Pamyu-ers clad in equally colourful and eccentric outfits. What I didn’t expect was how diverse that army of fans was going to be. Sure there were the lolitas and the harajukus, but there were also legions of more plainly clothes adults, older individuals who were not dragged along by their children but happily singing along to “Pika Pika Fantajin”, and even a group of loudly enthusiastic couples who looked like they would be more at home at a rock concert than that of a J-Pop princess, but lo and behold Kyary was bringing all of them together!


And the venue was packed, a sea of glowsticks and wildly waving hands. The concert kicked off with “Cosmetic Coaster” and from there it was one crazy ride through all the hits. Several times Kyary addressed the audience to teach us some important dance moves so that we could follow along for the song- such as claw hands for “Crazy Party Night” or more complex steps for her latest track “Sai & Co” (最&高).

Kyary was accompanied on stage by 4 colourful dancers and a “plant DJ” with almost entirely too much energy (honestly how was he so energetic the entire time??). She left for only one costume change, opting to spend the rest of the time bouncing from song to song not missing a step of her quintessential dance moves.


Some of my favourite parts of the evening were Kyary’s iconic “Candy Candy” and “Fashion Monster”, “Crazy Party Night” which I hadn’t actually heard previously, and the energetic “Invader” and “Kira Kira Killer”. Also her blue skirt comprised of so much frill and ribbon that I really wanted.

Kyary is a performer- her songs translate well to a concert environment and the colours, bubbly sound and bright atmosphere make for one big happy night of fun!

Photos by Johnny Au