Three years after her X.X.X Live Tour, G.E.M. is finally back in Melbourne with the first leg of her Australian tour, Queen of Hearts 2017.

The singer-songwriter and Hong Kong pop sensation debuted at the young age of 16 and has gained popularity worldwide after her appearance on “I Am Singer” in 2014.

Surrounded by footy fans from the AFL Grand Final, eager G.E.M. fans gathered at Hisense Arena on chilly Spring night on the 30th of September. Lightsticks were handed out amongst entry to join a sea of  synchronised and interchanging colours.

Lights dimmed, fans roared and dancers marched onto the side of the stage. The centre stage rose, and the queen of hearts appeared with her crown and cape with one of her greatest hits, ‘A.I.N.Y.’ The cape was ripped off revealing a cute red dress with a heart shaped cut at the chest. A series of hit songs were sung, including her remake of Mayday‘s ‘You Are Not Truly Happy’

She quickly changed into a spunky and sporty outfit and took fans into her rock segment. Her remake of Shin Band‘s ‘Even in Death I’ll Love’ was extremely powerful with her rap lyrics targeting haters who have tried to bring her down. It was soon transitioned into her other pop-rock tracks such as ‘My Secret’, ‘Goodbye’, Jay Chou‘s ‘Typhoon’. G.E.M. also had her electric guitar accompany her for a few performances in this segment.

The atmosphere turns 180 when G.E.M. returns on stage with a beautiful and elegant navy dress. This ballad segment truly showcases her vocal ability. How quickly and easy it is for her to interchange from her deep and low notes to the peak of each song. Gorgeous ballad tracks such as ‘Bubble’, ‘Light Years Away’, ‘Away’ were truly a blessing to listen to. One of the highlights of the night was her performance of ‘Therefore’. The use of LED sticks were incorporated into the performance giving an breathtaking visual experience.

Changing into an angelic white dress, G.E.M. takes the stage the chinese cover of Taeyang‘s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’. A beautiful and futuristic piano was also placed centre stage for G.E.M. to show off her musical talents. The singer also let us into her secrets telling fans that Melbourne has a special emotional impact on her. She confessed that her first time in Melbourne back in 2011 was 11 days after she just broke up with her boyfriend at the time. She was quite upset but told fans she is thankful for all the love she has received on her journey so she can step back on Melbourne ground 6 years later, happy and showered with love. G.E.M. tells fans that it will eventually be okay if you are upset or going through some hard times; and when you are feeling down, you can always turn on her music and she will always be by your side. For that reason, she promises to never stop making music and hopes to accompany her loving fans.

The concert reached it’s peak with the encore segment! G.E.M. hits the stage with her solo drums performance and then her latest title track ‘Heartbeat’. Fans went wild and were out of their seats when the lucky selected Fans Choir joined the singer on stage with ‘G.E.M. (Get Everybody Moving)’. As per her stage name, she definitely did get everybody moving!! My other highlight of the night was an unexpected performance of Wiz Khalifa‘s ‘See You Again’.

Just when we thought the show was over, G.E.M. returned on stage with her second encore. The fan favourite cover, Beyond‘s ‘I Like You’ echoed in the arena as fans sang along with her. And of course, the night was not complete without her debut and first self composed song, ‘Sleeping Beauty’

This was actually the third time I’ve seen G.E.M. perform and it is definitely my favourite by far! Her former X.X.X. Live Tour was very heavily focused on the songs performed on “I Am Singer”, which took away a lot of her own music and personality. Queen of Hearts on the other hand, was a great balance of some great covers as well as a very vast range of music from her early albums and of course her newest album,”Heartbeat“.

It was great seeing a concert with a well thought out setlist, eye catching outfits and of course seeing how multitalented G.E.M. is! She is capable of a variety of instruments and music styles and never ceases to amaze me with her high notes. I will definitely look forward to what music and surprises G.E.M. will bring next time round! But for now, she will be taking Queen of Hearts to Sydney (2nd October) and Perth (5th October). So remember to get your tickets if you already haven’t!