GFriend’s first showcase in Manila was held at the Solaire Resort & Casino’s Theatre on September 4th.

The doors opened at 5:40PM with a line of fans from the escalator of the 2nd floor to the entrance door with their light sticks and sign boards on their hand, a group of friends was also wearing headbands that had the member’s faces on it.

A Filipino celebrity, Ella Cruz was also spotted at the concert cheering for one of her favorite K-pop groups.


GFriend’s official fanclub in the Philippines was also giving out banners to the fans with the girls’ logo and another banner that said “Let’s Be Together Forever, GFriend” in Korean.

Once you enter the theatre, GFriend’s logo and their song will welcome you, which made all the buddies scream out of excitement.

As the stage start to dim, the fans even grew more excited and started chanting “GFriend”. The six girls then entered the stage wearing a skirt and a blue collared shirt singing “Glass Bead”.


After the girls performed two songs, they then introduce themselves as the fans scream every time a member says their name, which made the members giggle. They then sat down to start their intimate and fun talk. On the screen behind them, pictures of the members from important moments appeared as the host asked to share some behind-the-scene stories about each picture. The host also asked multiple questions about them like what are their favorite food, SoWon shared that since the weather is warm, she likes eating Naengmyun and given that each member has their own diet, Yuju shared that the beef that they ate after their first win was her favorite.

The members were also asked what was the most memorable gift each received from their fans. Yerim shared that a fan once gave her a security box filled with food from different parts of the world and of course, chocolate. SinB said that a fan gave her a compilation of her pictures from debut until now which made her very happy.

There was also a time during the talk that the host stopped in the middle of the talk and asked the fans to refrain from screaming so that the fans can hear what each member likes so that it’ll be easy for the fans to find out what kind of gifts they should give the girls in the future, which made everyone in the room laugh.


GFriend also discussed what each letter of the girl group name stands for: G is for Good, F is for Face, R is for Rest, I is for Important, E is for Endorphin, N is for New and D is for Dance.

Members were asked which is their favorite body part. Sowon said that she likes her aegyo sal, which is the fat below ones eyes, Eunha then shared that her chin is her favorite body part, Yerin said that the mole above her eye is her favorite, SinB’s own eyelashes is her favorite as she showed off her long eyelashes to their fans, Yuju showed off her white and straight teeth as her favorite body part, Umji said that her skin is her favorite part of her body, the host then asked if its because she eats a lot of fruits, Umji denies it but said that her skin is beautiful because she’s the youngest member of the group.

After answering a lot of questions about themselves, the members then played a game with their fans, a staring game contest. The loser will have to do their cutest pose to the camera for everyone to see. During the game, only one fan won against Yerin while Umji and a fan was a tie and everybody else won against their fan.


After the staring game, the members stepped off the stage for a few minutes to change their outfits to prepare for their next performance as the host talked to the fans. After a few minutes, the girls then performed a few more songs with “One and White”, “Mermaid”, “Gone With The Wind” and as their last song, “Magdalena”.

Before leaving the stage and ending the showcase, each member said their messages and thank you’s to their Filipino fans. Once the girls left the stage, the fans didn’t hesitate to ask for an encore performance, which gained the fans one more song as GFriend performed “Valera Moral” while throwing a few candies to their fans.

Even though it was evident that GFriend was really tired from their tour, they did their best to perform with smiling faces. The fans really gave them an extra boost especially when their fans scream at the top of their lungs while they were performing. The member can’t hide their appreciation to their Filipino buddies through posing a heart sign for their fans and waving to the crowd every time a fan waves at them.

That night was definitely a fun, loving filled showcase and cannot be easily forgotten for either the fans or GFriend.

Photos by Lyra Jazmin