The iGOT7 of Sydney, Australia were ecstatic this Thursday to finally see GOT7 live in their first of four Australian fan-meetings! Whether you were there on the day or not, get ready to live vicariously through Hello Asia’s experience of the GOT7 Sydney fan-meeting!

Following the usual Big Top fashion, the artist’s songs were playing through speakers inside the concert hall long before the fan-meeting began. Fans chattered giddily among themselves and got their placards and light-sticks ready for the show. (Shout-out to the iGOT7 who had some kind of small lights lining the rim of her placard – I don’t know how you did it, but it looked super cool!) I want to make a point that ‘Hard Carry’ appears to be the unanimous party-like-it’s-1999 song out of GOT7’s discography. Every time its opening riff began playing in the background fans would cheer, sing and dance so enthusiastically that I was left wondering whether the GOT7 members had somehow slipped into the crowd and everyone was cheering for them!

The fan-meeting began with a short video introducing the members of GOT7 – JB, Jinyoung, BamBam, Jackson, Yugyeom, Mark and Youngjae. The members finally arrived on stage, and although Youngjae unfortunately was unable to fly over to Australia due to a back injury, the remaining six members gave it their absolute all right from the start with two smooth intro songs. The members were sitting on chairs which were almost entirely transparent aside from the back support which was designed as a beautiful and glowing green GOT7 symbol. A large screen behind the GOT7 boys showed Sydney landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House while blue and green lights beaming from the top of the stage matched the fans’ green light-sticks to turn the concert hall into a beautiful ocean of colour.

Andy Trieu and David Park entered the stage and introduced themselves as our respective MC and translator for the night! David admitted his bias in GOT7 to be BamBam – and if we’re being honest, by the end of the night, BamBam had become my favourite as well – while Andy noted that he wants to be friends with Jackson. Our two hosts invited everyone to cheer for GOT7 and the group arrived back on stage to greet their excited fans with individual introductions. Youngjae offered his greetings through a video message which played on a large screen with English subtitles. We miss you, Youngjae!



The first game of the night was ‘Hidden Word Talk’. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but let me just note a few highlights: BamBam bringing up the fact that Chris Brown followed Yugyeom on Instagram; the members claiming that Jackson’s role in the group is the ‘dog’; and BamBam dabbing and purposely singing out of pitch to make iGOT7 laugh! This was followed by the second game, ‘Making Sentences’. Our two hosts held up a number of boxes which were filled with strips of paper on which were written random words. The members would choose three strips of paper, form a sentence using the words and fulfill the action the sentence required. The sentences yesterday were “BamBam … 1000 times … lies down and dances”, “Yugyeom … kisses JB … cutely” and “BamBam … until the end of the show … talks like a girl”. The members noted that if BamBam were to forget to speak like a girl at any point, they would take turns hitting his butt!

There were two more games before the members left the stage and fans were presented with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the group’s ‘Never Ever’ music video. GOT7 then returned to the stage to perform their hit ‘Fly’, accompanied by a gorgeous animated clip that had us flying across skies on a starlit adventure through the clouds. They then sang ‘Skyway’ and continued with a performance of ‘Hard Carry’ which the fans appeared to have been waiting their entire lives to see! The entire concert hall was filled to the brim with energy as fans waved their light-sticks around and sang out every word of the song.

The final event of the night was a group photo and give-away session! Fans’ names were raffled out of a box and winners received placards which had been signed (and kissed!) by the members. Alas, the night was almost at its end, and it became time for the members to give their individual farewell speeches. Jackson happily greeted his brother and baby niece, who are Australian residents and were present in the audience. Jinyoung gave his farewell in English and said that they’ll come back to Sydney with another album and do a concert for their fans! Yugyeom also spoke in English, using his knowledge of English lyrics to sing his feelings: “It was like a dream to me~!”



The group then sang their final song, ‘Never Ever’, and exited the stage… only to return for two more encore songs! The concert hall atmosphere completely switched to that of a club with fans jumping up and down, dancing with their friends and singing along. GOT7 gave their final group greeting and left the stage yelling words of thanks and promises to return.

We hope that all the Sydney iGOT7 left the fan-meeting with fantastic memories and that fans in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth have a wonderful time! Thanks for stopping by, GOT7!

Photos by Johnny Au. Check out our photo gallery of the Sydney fan meet HERE.