Taiwanese Prince of Rock, Jam Hsiao made his return to Melbourne for his ‘IMBA Rock And Romance‘ concert on Friday night at the Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. This is Jam’s second time in Melbourne, and it coincidentally falls on the same night as his concert five years ago; May 12th.

Despite going in with very minimal knowledge of the artist and his songs, I had a good feeling that the show was going to be an amazing based on the few songs I was aware of as well as hearing from friend’s who have seen him in concert before.

The lights dimmed and Jam’s voice is heard singing the first few lines of “Color” before the spotlight revealed him standing on stage with a simple leopard print jacket and sunglasses. After two songs, he says hello to the crowd with a cheeky smile, and exclaimed that he has missed Melbourne fans just like the title of the song he just performed “I Can Only Miss You”

To my surprise, Jam is a lot more talkative and cheekier than what I had in mind. A very typical audience interaction in the cpop circle is an artist setting a note and the audience repeating the same one. As the notes go higher, it usually ends up with the audience bursting out in laughter. But instead, Jam points to a lucky fan in the front row and pulls her up for a challenge. The fan though, was able to nail every note and was showered with hugs from Jam. He also notices that this lucky fan is accompanied by her husband and teasingly asks if he’s jealous of the close interaction between him and the fan.

The atmosphere then turns 180 when Jam goes back to performing his iconic rock ballads. Starting off with his deep and charming voice that escalates to highlight his strong and powerful vocals showcasing his broad vocal range. The lighting was also very well fitted with Jam’s rock theme with the colours and flash matching the beat of the music. I have been to MCEC for various concerts and fan meets but found the use lighting to be the best at this concert. The use of colours and lightning was able to enhance the emotions and climax of his songs.

Unlike his tough music style, his cute and prankster-like personality slipped in once again exclaiming that his nickname of ‘God of Rain’ is a lie, since it hasn’t rained in Melbourne the last two days. He also took the opportunity to mock and tease the audience sitting in the front that they looked quite bored and if he should change his next segment which comprised of his slower ballads.

Jam expressed that the upcoming song is a song filled with love and mentioned that numerous fans have taken this opportunity to propose to their loved ones. He kickstarts “Marry Me” and a man suited up in the crowd goes on one knee and proposes to the women next to him. Jam happily jumps off stage to congratulate and serenade the couple and wishes them eternal happiness.

The hype was brought to its peak during the encore segment when Jam belted out hit tracks such as “Prince’s New Clothes” and “Princess”.

Jam Hsiao definitely blew my mind and has definitely earned a new fan after the show. There was no fancy outfits, no back up dancers, nothing extravagant like a lot of the other shows I’ve seen; but was so powerful and impactful for what it was. Pure enjoyment not only with music he brought but also the loveable personality he is as a person. It was not doubt a big success and I will sure look forward to Jam’s work in the future.

Photos courtesy of In Music.