SHINee recently held their first ever fan meet in the United States, a one-off event held at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago, a venue that holds 4,400 and was nearly at capacity. Fans had traveled in from Mexico, Canada and even as far as China to for the nearly two-hour fan event which was packed full of activities and performances from the group.

Fans had queued up outside the venue since the early afternoon and were anxious for the event to begin as the whole crowd joined in singing along to group’s songs while waiting. Shortly after 7 PM SHINee emerged on stage with a dynamic performance of their energetic song “Everybody,” which was the perfect kick-off for the evening.


Next the group sat down to watch a compilation of video messages fans had sent in from all over the country, after which the group slowed things down following “Everybody” with a performance of “Hello,” which paved the way for a Q&A afterwards. A variety of topics were touched on, including the challenges the band faced when living together in the beginning, skin care, and which English names the idols would pick if they had to, some of which were Brad and Francis.

The longest portion of the event was a game of charades that was played with 20 random fans that had been chosen prior to the show, one being 70 years old, which showcased the diversity of SHINee’s fanbase. The fans were split into five teams and had to interpret each member’s actions in categories like school objects, animals, movies, and occupations. Each member had entertaining interpretations of the categories and had the crowd in fits of laughter while the fans occasionally struggled to figure out what they were looking at. Some of the fans got high fives, hugs and handshakes, while the winning team received exclusive merchandise.


After a short break consisting of some behind the scenes footage, as well as a costume change, the group came back out on stage to perform three more songs, “Replay,” “Lucifer,” and “Sherlock.” All of them were packed with the energy and choreography that the band is known for, and the crowd never let up with cheering the idols on.

With the band’s 8 year anniversary coming up on May 25th, the audience received specials signs congratulating the band on the achievement prior to the show, which everyone held up. With some final words from the group and goodbyes, the nearly two hour long event had concluded. For fans of SHINee that had travelled in from near or far, this event provided a fantastic opportunity where they could interact with their idols, experience some performances, and find out more about the members. Seeing the success of the event, hopefully SM Entertainment will hold other SHINee fan meets in other cities and give fans more opportunities for such an experience.