VIXX concluded their first Australian tour “Shangri-La” with their Melbourne leg on Wednesday the 29th of November! The Kings of Concept put on a stunning and breathtaking show at the Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The six member group was formed in 2012, and deemed KPOP’s King of Concepts for trying out various ideas and nailing each one throughout their career.

Starlights were gifted with a message card from the boys upon entry, as well as a specially designed fanmade banner from the VIXX Australian fanclub. The lights dimmed just after 7pm, Starlights cheered their hearts out, and the six boys took the stage with their second title song of their Conception trilogy, ‘Fantasy’. Dressed in all black, their clean dress shirt look emphasised their long legs especially matched with their powerful yet sexy choreography. The atmosphere was quickly hyped up with just their first song with streamers being shot out after the bridge of the song, which is usually only seen during encores of a show.

The hype song segment was followed by ‘Desperate‘, ‘The Closer’ and ‘Chained Up’ driving Starlights to cheer louder and louder and energetically waving their lightsticks and banners.

A formal introduction was on its way and the VIXX members greeted their Australian fans with their not so fluent yet tremendously adorable English. I honestly can’t tell if they should be known as “kings of concepts” or “kings of sweet talk” with the boys asking staff to turn the lights on the audience so they can look into the eyes of their Starlights and continuously commented on how beautiful everyone looked.

A quick catch up session followed with each member explaining what they have been up to the last few months. Leo and Ravi were busy with VIXX LR promotions, Ravi also releasing a rap single recently. Leo, Ken and N all took part in musicals, with Hongbin and Hyuk preoccupied with filming a drama and movie. The boys did express how nice it was to be grouped up together again as a six following all their solo work.

It was time to slow things down with the ballad section of the night. ‘Romance Is Over‘ and ‘Us Now‘ showcased the members vocals and beautiful harmonisation. After another outfit change, the boys were back with ‘Shangri-la‘ and ‘Black Out‘ from their latest album.

Fans were hyped and VIXX now wanted to get more personal with fans. So what a perfect time for some Q&A! VIXX picked from a batch of fan created questions and hopes. This resulted in Ken performing a quick cover of Red Velvet‘s ‘Red Flavour‘, Ravi doing a sexy dance, Ravi dropping secrets about Hyuk’s sleeping habits and Hongbin forced to sing his highest note. This intimate section really did show VIXX’s playful personality and aegyo ability.

Before you knew it, the end of the night was coming close and VIXX’s ending fairy Hyuk reveals that its time for farewells. Each member expressed their gratitude and love for Starlights and promised to return again to Melbourne. Hyuk even decided to say his goodbyes in English, making it even harder to say goodbye.

Luckily it wasn’t goodbye yet and the night reached its peak with their hit songs and encore! ‘Light Up The Darkness‘, ‘On and On‘, ‘Error‘, ‘Love Equation‘ and ‘Heaven‘ left fans cheering out of their seats. After a final bow, many waves and hearts thrown at the crowd, VIXX took their leave and concluded their first ever Australian tour!

Fans who splurged on the higher end tickets were also lucky enough to either get a sneak peak at rehearsals, or a photo or hi touch opportunity at the end of the show. One of the only downsides of the night was the inconsistency of sound and lighting. At times, the background audio was louder than the members mics, which they quickly tried to fix, leading to one member’s mic becoming obviously louder than the rest. Lighting was a similar case with breathtaking lighting and backdrops for some parts; but lights either overused or focusing at the wrong member at other times.

All in all, VIXX’s first Australian tour Shangri-La in Melbourne was a success and the boys not only showcased their polished and synchronised choreography, their beautiful vocals; but also an insight into their fun and playful personalities, their love for each other and fans and how grateful they are for the opportunity to come down-under. We look forward to what concepts VIXX will conquer next and hope we don’t have to wait too long for their return to Australia!

Photos by Anthony Smith.