Humidity and heat throughout the day, with rain to cool down the night: a regular day for some, but not for those with a love of live music, specifically from South Korea. With LUNAFLY being only the second Korean act to come to Brisbane, they certainly created a buzz for fans who were finally able to see a live act in their hometown. This was exemplified in the line-up of fans before the doors of the New Globe Theatre, hours before the show was scheduled to commence. Soon enough, the waiting line of dedicated Brisbane Lukies – Lunafly’s fanclub – was stretching down the street and around the corner, eagerly awaiting their chance to see Sam, Yub, Yun and Jin.

Lunafly openers-27

Inside the venue, Street Groove, Paradise Crew, Neko DC and Katu kicked off the performances of the evening with an explosion of charisma and talent. Along with these acts, Andy Trieu from SBS PopAsia certainly succeeded in his job of MC by hyping up the fans for the main performance. And Lunafly did not disappoint. Their presence on stage left many in the crowd incapable of doing much other than screaming or standing still in shock. The vibe of the venue was close and personal, adding to the electric live atmosphere. However, this did little to detract from the enthusiasm of the crowd. The boys played a series of their original songs, interchanged with covers so natural they could have been their own. A personal favourite was their rendition of American Idiot, performed with flower crowns on their heads for the cherry on top.


In a memorable moment, two representatives of the Lunafly fanclub entered the stage to present a gift to the members. In honour of Sam’s birthday, they had collated the profits of Lunafly merchandise to donate to charity, something that was clearly a winner in the eyes of the band members. The Lunafly members endeared themselves to the crowd, fluently switching between English and Korean to convey their thoughts and talk comfortably with the fans. This close level of interaction was certainly appreciated, if it could be measured in the screams and shouts of “I love you!” that the members received in response.


Closing with “Fly to Love”, Lunafly eventually exited the stage to the dismay of the audience. This full act was not enough to satisfy the fans, as they furiously chanted for an encore. After what seemed like an eternity of deafening “LUNAFLY! LUNAFLY!” ringing throughout the theatre, the boys bounded back on stage once again to truly play their last song. It was bittersweet, with many fans enthusiastically jumping along to the beat and singing the chorus together as a whole. With their fan-given flower crowns, the Lunafly members left the stage to mix with their devotees. This included a VIP photo experience for many adoring fans, giving them a chance to interact with the boys up close and personal after the gig.

Pouring out onto the streets, the concert attendees hardly noticed the cool, misty air as they chatted and raved about the night. It was a truly memorable evening for the Brisbane community, and undoubtedly the vibrant images of Lunafly performing on stage will never be forgotten by any who attended.

Photos by Erin Smith