If I had to sum up MFBTY’s first ever Sydney concert with one word it would be LIT. Yes, in all caps. The entire concert from beginning to end was just straight fire. There was never a dull moment, never a lull in between songs- it was perfect.  

The show started with DJ Zomanno hyping everyone up with his remixes of My Boo by Ghost Town DJ’s and A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. But as much as he tried to get the crowd hyped, we were all conserving our energy for the main act. Then the lights darkened a little more and one by one, the members of MFBTY came on. Bizzy was first, rapping and doing his own mini set, and even gave out a few signed albums. I regret not reaching my hand out a little more to steal it from the girl in front of me.

If I thought audience’s screams for Bizzy and Tiger JK when they came on were loud, I was not prepared for when the queen of Korean hip-hop herself, Yoon Mi-rae, came on stage. My gosh, everyone was excited for her. An older lady in the mosh pit even yelled, in Korean, “You’re so pretty!”.

They played hit after hit, slowing it down for “Angel” and building the hype right back up with old favourite “Get it in” and “Bang Diggy Bang Bang”. The trio had a bit of comedic banter between each other and the crowd with Tiger JK telling us that he recently got a Gucci scarf even though he doesn’t usually buy brand clothing and that he purchased the last copy of TIME magazine that had BTS on the front cover. It was during these moments that I was glad they can speak English because I definitely wanted to understand all of that.

During the middle of the set, special guest, Junoflo came in and flexed his hip-hop chops with “Infinite Styles” and his collaboration with Yoon Mi-rae, “You & Me”. You could tell that everyone on stage was a family, they respect and have love for one another and the energy from their songs transferred to the audience. We were all were jumping around, screaming the lyrics (me in sporadic broken Korean) and throwing signs, that it didn’t matter that people in the mosh got sprayed with water. Twice.

Before the time was up, Tiger JK surprised us all with a few snippets from his upcoming album! However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and with the case of the concert, earlier than expected. I’m not complaining, though, MFBTY had a sweet little treat for VIP ticket holders so we got to shake hands with the artists! No pictures though, that was a shame.

Overall, the showcase definitely lived up to their label’s name, Feel Ghood Music, because I came out of there feeling good (and buzzed). I haven’t been to many hip-hop gigs before but I doubt they’ll live up to my experience seeing MFBTY. Here’s hoping they’ll come back soon, and next time I’ll know every word!