I could just leave you with the fact that – Laughter is Universal and that should be enough to get you to watch this fun and tear-inducing show by the ONGALS (옹알스).

Even from the beginning with the mimed actions meaning “don’t take photos, just enjoy the show (or you’ll get shot with this imaginary arrow)”, the audience knew they were in for a treat. True to the name Babbling Comedy, the ONGALS were dressed as babies as they rummaged through their toy box and delighted us with trying discover why the box was filled with every day mundane items.

When I mentioned laughter is universal, it is very true in this show, where there was a minimal amount of words spoken as the ONGALS recreated our imaginations for us. Their interactions with the each other and the audience were spot on, with one brave chap being their go-to audience member for their fun antics. He even became their fifth member of the ONGALS music troupe when they regaled us with their bell orchestra.


Each of the members of ONGALS are extremely funny and talented, and the whole show had me either laughing or had my heart stop with tense moments. Some particular favourite parts of the show were the balloon animals and the beatboxing routine, as well the members egging each other one to better the trick they just did for that glorious moment of more applause from the audience. So you can juggle three balls, how about four, five??? Hey, I just found three swords, try juggling these too!

With juggling, beatboxing, and comedy, the ONGALS really wowed the audience and I wouldn’t hesitate to see them again if they come back to Australia.

There’s still a chance to catch ONGALS at Sydney Town Hall on Friday 22nd April and Sunday 24th April and you won’t regret it! See details here.