Last Friday night’s One: The World Concert in Melbourne’s Hisense Arena was a wild affair; pyrotechnics and high-power performances created an infectiously ‘Energetic’ atmosphere that Wannables will be sure to never forget. While it is almost impossible to narrow it down, here are our top five moments from the night!

1. The Solo and Subunit Stages.

In between the sensational all-in group performances, the boys broke into solo and subunit stages that dazed their adoring audience. Every single one of the performances were tremendous. All for different reasons.

Each song, produced by some of the best in Korean Entertainment, was spectacularly diverse; from the suave and sexy, to effortlessly cool concepts, these special stages played to each of the member’s individual abilities and strengths.

Unit Number 1 (JiHoon, JinYoung, and KuanLin) performed the sexy R&B hit ‘11’ (produced by the iconic Dynamic Duo), while Lean On Me (MinHyun, JiSung, and SungWoon) further showcased the vocal colour and multiplicity within the group with the beautiful ballad ‘Forever and a Day’.

The Heal (SeongWu and DaeHwi) performed ‘Hourglass’, using time as a metaphor to reminisce over the last year since their debut; as DaeHwi performed at the piano, and SeongWu showed his dancing prowess, videos of their time in Produce 101 were shown on the large screens behind them. Undoubtedly, the nostalgic performance brought a tear or two to many eyes in the arena.

Special mention goes to Triple Position, made up of Daniel, WooJin, and JaeHwan. Together, the trio performed the on-theme ‘Kangaroo’ (produced by Block B’s Zico) to their adoring Australian fans. And while we are on the topic of Kangaroo’s….

2. Daniel’s Impersonation of a Kangaroo.

During a quick game of charades, Daniel showed the audience what he would do if he was given a day with Wannables in Australia. His short acting montage included a portrayal of our national animal, which was met by rapturous laughter from his audience, including his fellow Wanna One members.

3. The body rolls in “Day By Day”.

There need not be much more of an explanation. The iconic choreography had the concert hall screaming rapturously from start to finish. Indeed, the whole performance of this song served as evidence of their combined command and control of the stage.

4. Streamers and the Star-Shaped Confetti.

I was almost pushed to break the ‘No Camera’ rule, just to take a photo of the decorations cascading from the sky as the boys performed on stage. Indeed, it was clear that no expense was spared when setting the stage for the group, only adding to the theatricality of their truly stellar performance.

By the conclusion of the concert, the floor was covered in glitter, sparkles, and paper; appropriately, hoards of Wannables left the arena in scarves of gold and silver ribbons, a momento from an unforgettable night.

5. Pick Me.

As the song began, you could almost feel the audience sigh in exultant expectation. Yes, indeed, the boys were going to take us back to where it all began. Within seconds, the venue had become something like a party, and by the time the chorus kicked in at full-force, the whole auditorium was full of fans screaming, “나야 나”.

While it was not the last song, it was indeed a performance that no one will forget in a long time; it was a celebration, of the members and their fans, and of everything that has happened and everything that is yet to come.

Photos courtesy of IME Australia