Reporting from Jakarta, Lya shares about her time at Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016 concert. Held on 8 October 2016 at ICE BSD City Hall 5, the concert featured a Korean indie rock band Nell, and YG royalty Akdong Musician and Taeyang.

Amid the hustle and bustle of Jakarta city were Indonesian K-Pop fans unrivalled excitement and anticipation for their favourites Korean talents. Nothing stopped them from seeing their favourites in action. Not the heavy rain. Not the traffic, which almost drove me right to insanity. And not the event’s seemingly political intent.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect at Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016 concert. Organised in line with K-Content Expo by Korea’s leading government agency, Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), the event seems to carry more sociopolitical motivations then intended. I had been to a similar event in Singapore before and had imagined there would be speeches by representatives by South Korea and Indonesia to open the night at the very least. I had visualised it to be a short show led by an MC.

To my delight, Nell, Akdong Musician, and Bigbang’s Taeyang took the matter to their own hands. They strengthen the relations between South Korea and Indonesia through intimate performances and interactions with fans in attendance. Nell, Akdong Musician, and Taeyang spoiled Indonesian K-pop lovers with their varied music genre and fan service. They mercilessly and glamorously leaving them breathless at the end of the day with endless cute dance moves, sassy comments and conversations, romantic tunes and sweet nothings.


When the winner of audition show KPOP Star Season 2, Akdong Musician entered the stage “How People Move”, Indonesian fans went crazy over their cute and bubbly performance. The cute siblings were all smiles when they playfully when trying to communicate with fans in limited English and Indonesian. Chanhyuk couldn’t finish a sentence without ‘Keren banget, aku cinta kamu’ translating to ‘so cool, I love you’ that night. Looking at the sea of yellow crowns, the duo even joked that they should stop singing so that their sunbae-nim Taeyang could perform sooner than later.

The Lee siblings continued to enjoy themselves on stage, showing incredible and quirky performances with “Give Love”, “I Love You”, “Melted”, “Re-Bye”, “Crescendo”, and “200%”. Before handing the bat to NellChanhyuk and Soohyun covered Disney Frozen “Love is an Open Door” and an Indonesian band Mocca’s song titled “Happy”.

Like Akdong Musician, it is Nell’s first time to visit and perform in Indonesia.  Being a Korean indie rock band who debuted at a local club in 2001, Nell’s popularity is not comparable to YG royalty. However, the crowd enthusiastically welcome the four member band. It was heartwarming to see how equally supportive the fans were.


Vocalist Kim Jong Wan, guitarist Lee Jae Kyung, bassist Lee Jung Hoon, and drummer Jung Jae Won reciprocate the fans support with hypnotising live performance and vocal. These are the 7 songs the group gorgeously performed: “Time Spent Walking Through Memories”, “Habitual Irony”, “Dream Catcher”, “Cliff Parade”, “Ocean of Light”, “White Dwarf”, and lastly “Words Shouldn’t Believe”. The group displayed Indonesian flag and expressed their interests to come again to Indonesia to perform in the future before letting the popular BIGBANG member, Taeyang take over the stage.


Back after a year and half, BIGBANG member Taeyang needs no introduction. The long awaited performance started with “Ringa Linga” and “Superstar”He owned the stage right away setting the crowd on fire with every hip thrusts. And he was just getting started.

The R&B singer continued to relentlessly showcase perfection in his performance of “1AM”, “I need a Girl”, “Only Look at Me” and “Body”Who could resist his sweet falsetto? I’m sure by then everyone was envious of Min Hyorin for having a flawless boyfriend. In between, Taeyang slowed down a little only to shower fans with sweet words and songs on an intimate stage. “I’m here by myself just for you,” is one of the best things we heard all night.

Taeyang was unstoppable. He left everyone in attendance in awe with “Good Boy”, “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby”Indonesian VIPs were lucky to be singing and dancing up close with the perfect boyfriend material. But they didn’t have quite enough of Taeyang yet. When he had to finally bid Indonesian fans goodbye with “Eyes, Nose, Lips” during encore, he said, “I’ll come back with the rest of BIGBANG members. I love you Indonesia!”

Photo Credit: Mecima Pro