SF9 made their grand debut with their first single, Feeling Sensation at Seoul’s Yes24 Live Hall during the week. The nine boys earned publicity by appearing at Mnet’s survival show “d.o.b” after practicing under the FNC training system NEOZ SCHOOL. SF9 is an abbreviation for “Sensational Feeling 9” that refers to the nine members. It also refers to the Chinese character “久 (long),” meaning that the team and their popularity will last for a long time.

The title song “Fanfare” is a danceable hiphop track with trap and electronic elements that demonstrates a choreography that embodies an image of fanfare. The powerful track with aggressive beats “K.O.” was once open to the public in SF9’s survival show “d.o.b.” Unlike the previous tracks, “Together” is a groovy medium-tempo song that describes a man who wishes to stay with his lover.


Unlike other debut groups, SF9 seemed to be confident with their debut stage. Leader Youngbin said they were so happy to release their first album and to be on the stage. Inseong mentioned that they wish to be called “the group at the border between boys and men.” Each member had different attractive points: Rowoon picked his charming point as his tall height; Zuho as his low voice; Taeyang as his charisma; Hwiyoung as his gentle personality; Chani as his mature personality (although he is the youngest member); Youngbin as his eyes when he smiles; Dawon as his individual talents that he can demonstrate at variety shows; Jaeyoon as his masculine personality as a Busan guy; and Inseong as his singing skills. Each member also had various non-musical skills. Dawon imitated Jo Insung’s line in drama That Winter, The Wind Blows while Chani had already debuted as an actor at drama Signal.

The members also thanked their company artists who have supported their debut. Rowoon thanked F.T. Island’s Minhwan for his supportive message. He further mentioned that SF9 made “friendship rings” altogether with the pocket money that Minhwan gave them. The group also thanked CNBLUE’s Jungshin and AOA’s Jimin for their thoughtful advice.


As the team’s role model, Jaeyoon said they would like to learn all the good things from everyone and become a better group. As a personal role model, Rowoon mentioned Park Hyoshin, while Zuho picked Kendrick Lamar who leads the global trend. Taeyang picked Justin Bieber because of his unique voice and style, Hwiyoung picked A$AP Rocky, and Chani picked SHINee’s Taemin whom he respected and dreamed of since he was young. Youngbin picked Epik High’s Tablo as his role model because he has listened to Tablo’s lyrics since he was young, while Jaeyoon picked Sung Sikyung because he also wishes to become the best ballad singer in Korea just like him. Dawon picked Big Bang because they are multitalented artists, while he also picked Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and ZE:A’s Hwang Kwanghee as his role models as entertainers. Inseong said he respected Bruno Mars because of his sexy stage.

If you think they are another ordinary rookies, you’re wrong. As the first male dance group from FNC, I can tell you, it will be worthwhile to be their fan and see them grow up from their debut stage. It’s time to sound the “Fanfare.”

Photos courtesy of FNC Entertainment.