Wanna One have once again returned to Australian ground after their appearance at KCON Sydney last year. This time, Wannables were able to catch the group in Melbourne at Hisense Arena on Friday 17th August for their Wanna One World Tour ONE: THE WORLD.

The hugely popular kpop boyband formed through Produce 101 Season 2 has received lots of love and attention all over the world since their debut one year ago. The super rookie group that has broken numerous records is finally in Melbourne to show why they’re loved by all.

Wannables lined up outside Hisense Arena with colourful banners, headbands and lightsticks and received a specially designed fan project banner used to greet the boys later in the show.

After a quick introduction video, the lights dimmed and Melbourne was greeted by 11 boys who took the stage, breaking out into dance with ‘Burn It Up’. The crowd’s cheers grew even louder with the performance of ‘Never’ which was a fan favourite back in Produce 101. The sound of piano echoed in the arena and Wannables knew that Wanna One’s debut track ‘Energetic’ was on its way!

The atmosphere changed when Minhyun took the stage with his solo dance performance, followed by Jinyoung’s, showing how sexy and graceful they can be.

The unit performances of Number 1 (consisting of Jihoon, Jinyoung and Kuanlin) and Lean On Me (with Minhyun, Jisung and Sungwoon) blew fans away as it showcased the boy’s growth and vocal ability.

Woojin and Jihoon then came together to prove that two is stronger than one with their outstanding dance collaboration earning loud cheers from the fans. Wanna One gathered once again to perform ‘Boomerang’ before formally greeting fans in english.

In a blink of an eye, Wanna One was back on stage, this time showing that their mid-tempo ballads and dance can be combined flawlessly with ‘Day By Day’ and ‘Beautiful’. A solo contemporary dance performance by Daniel takes Wannables breath away before Jaehwan gifts fans with his angelic voice echoing in the stadium with ‘I’ll Remember’. The rest of the Wanna One member’s join Jaehwan back on stage to perform the rest of the song.

Wanna One continued to slow things down with the ballad section of the night with ‘I Wanna Have’ showering the arena with beautiful star shaped confetti and the crowd singing along to ‘Always’ while waving their arms in the air.

The group gathered up on stage and decided it was time for some improv, acting out what reaction they would have when they look at themselves in the mirror after a shower! Daehwi and Seongwu earned lots of laughter with the adorable and narcissistic reactions. This segment showed a lot of the boys fun and quirky personalities, and Daniel also told fans that if he had one day to spend in Melbourne with Wannables, he would like to go to the zoo and take photos with kangaroos.

It was back to the remaining two units showing what they have to offer with The Heal’s (Seongwu and Daehwi) soothing performance of ‘Sandglass’ and an energetic and adorable performance of ‘Kangaroo’ by Triple Position (Woojin, Daniel and Jaehwan)

One of the peaks of the night was when Jisung took the stage as the DJ and turned the arena into a club! The energy carried over to Sungwoon and Kuanlin’s dance solos before all of Wanna One returned with their cute performance of ‘Wanna Be’ and ‘Twilight’. The boys ran around the stage freely dancing and messing around displaying their youth and aegyo.

The highlight of the night was their performance of ‘Pick Me’ which became a massive singalong and loud cheers. Things were toned down with ‘Gold’ before lights dimmed out and the boys said thank you and left the stage.

Wannables cheered for an encore and Wanna One returned with their latest title track ‘Light’. Before we knew it, the night was coming to an end and Wanna One expressed their gratitude and joy to be down under. Seongwu mentioned that “I hear the landscape in Melbourne is beautiful but you guys are more beautiful” melting the hearts of Wannables at the show. Jihoon was surprised that he was able to come to Melbourne and Daniel said that he has a very enjoyable night, and didn’t expect to have fans in Australia.

The final song of the night ‘I.P.U.’ was also time for Wannables to carry out their pre-planned fan project with everyone holding up their banners in the air. Gathered up close to the fans, Wanna One took a bow and headed towards backstage before taking one final bow, successfully concluding their Melbourne stop of their world tour.

After seeing Wanna One perform, it is understandable why they are loved by so many worldwide. Eleven boys showcasing different talents, personalities and conquering a variety of different concepts. The crowd’s energy was amazing throughout the night and the boys showed happiness and passion in their performance. The stage was a little more simplistic than I would have imagined, but this led the focus back to the members themselves. I was very impressed by Wanna One’s stage presence being a rookie group just over one year old and will look forward to what concepts they will try next with their future ventures.

Photos courtesy of IME Australia