Eric Nam‘s Honestly tour made a stop at Sydney’s Metro Theatre and it was truly a captivating night. While there were many good moments during the show, we narrowed it down to 5! So without further ado, here are our top 5 moments from Eric Nam’s Sydney show:

1. His dancing

Call me ignorant, but who knew Eric Nam had moves? Sure, they may have been choreographed but I’m not complaining. From side steps and finger tutting in ‘Honestly’ to the hula hands dance move and head turns to the beat of ‘Can’t Help Myself’, every time he danced the whole room became a party. Especially during the electrifying numbers like “Float” or “Idea of You”. Although the dances were far and few between, there’s no arguing the audience enjoyed it a lot. And who can forget those body rolls?! I feel very attacked!

Also, shoutout to his backup dancers as well, they were amazing!

2. What he wore

While his onstage outfit was a simple white shirt, french tucked into his pants, an iconic “É” was embroidered onto it and it GAVE. ME. LIFE! It was minimalistic but suave and served life. Then, at one point towards the end of the night, Eric stopped to interact with the fans some more. One fan gave him an Australian flag and a cork hat which he donned, making him look like a full-blown, true blue Aussie! And to the person who gave Eric Nam a little pink flower to put in his hair, bless you! He wore the flower during “Into You” and never has a man looked more masculine than at that moment. But while it had a good run, the flower, unfortunately, fell off during the performance.

3. His comments

Often times when there is a show, an artist will maybe ask their audience generic questions or comment quite generic things like “How are you doing tonight, Sydney?” or “Thanks for coming tonight, this next song is…”. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show and genuinely felt a proper interaction between artist and fan. What made the night incredibly fun was his comments and digs at the audience (especially when one fan asked Eric to try Vegemite.. again). Eric gave shoutouts to the parents in the crowd that had accompanied their children and stopped to sing Happy Birthday to people, getting everyone involved. Interacting with his fans so easily, it’s no wonder how Eric won over the hearts of his fans. Even after every performance, it was obvious that Eric was really enjoying himself and it resonated in the audience. It wasn’t just that Eric communicated with his fans, because many artists do that, it was that he connected with this audience and made them feel one with the show. All because he genuinely cares for his fans.

4. The music

Of course, the music had to be one of our top 5 favourite moments! How could it not be? From his newest tunes, English songs to even his debut song, ‘Heaven’s Door’ Eric Nam pulled out all the stops to give us an unforgettable night. Each performance was stand-out and seamless, with his slower, emotional ballads like “Hold me”, interjected with high-energy dance hits like “Body” and “Don’t Call Me”. His runs and harmonies were perfect, he landed those high notes with complete accuracy and he sounded better live than he does in the studio! And that’s saying something! Of course, we have to mention the fact that fans knew every lyric to both his Korean and English songs despite the language barrier! Music truly transcends languages.

5. The surprise encore!

I had heard rumours that Eric Nam surprised his American audience with a surprise encore stage, singing BTS’s Idol and Sunmi’s Gashina” but I had no idea he would be bringing the surprise to his Aussie fans! So you can imagine my face when he came back for the encore and BTS’ “Idol” started playing. After singing “Honestly”, it felt like maybe the night had officially come to an end… but then the beginning beats of “Idol” came on and everyone in the audience started to lose their marbles. His cover can only be described with one word: SPECTACULAR! The entire audience knew every word to the song, and the energy in the room increase a hundred-fold. Moreover, the cover further proved once again that Eric Nam can sing. And dance!