Eric Nam released his heartfelt track titled ‘Love Die Young’ on October 30, and we have nothing but good words about it.

‘Love Die Young’ is a painfully beautiful R&B track. Acting as a pre-release to Eric Nam’s upcoming album Before We Begin, the track narrates the uncertainty and reality of love.

The track starts off with a pleasant instrumental that sets up a vibe, allowing listeners to focus on the vulnerability and desperation of Eric’s emotive vocals.

Eric continues to charm us with soft house beats layering it with his signature delicate vocals and falsetto. There’s a certain fragility and melancholy sustained throughout the song with its melody. His intimate vocals perfectly intertwine with the sentimental lyrics, too.

Flowers in your hair now on our grave
Maybe I’m the one that we should blame
For never thinking we’d end up this way
I don’t need answers I need you to stay, stay

‘Love Die Young’ is out now.