(G)I-DLE at the KCON STUDIO Dance Jenga at KCON19NY 7/7/19 #G_I_DLE #KCON19NY https://www.helloasia.com.au/ #Soyeon #Miyeon #Minnie #Soojin #Shuhua

On it’s 5th year anniversary, KCON NY definitely outdid itself!

(G)I-DLE at the KCON STUDIO Dance Jenga at KCON19NY 7/7/19 #G_I_DLE #KCON19NY https://www.helloasia.com.au/ #Soyeon #Miyeon #Minnie #Soojin #Shuhua

For years, KCON NY was officially fixed in Newark, NJ at Prudential Center. However, as it grew, they needed a larger venue to accommodate the die hard fans of all ages, cultures and genders. This year, the two-day event debuted for the first time at New York City’s own Jacob Javitz Center, in the heart of Manhattan’s midtown.

The doors opened to over 55,000 K-Pop fans from all over the U.S. and the world.

Though the event technically began Saturday, July 6th at 11 am, Friday allowed fans to party at Klub KCON with ATEEZ, eSNa, Kevin Woo, Balming Tiger, Ellen & Brian.

On Saturday long lines draped the floors of the Javitz Center as fans rushed to the KCON Stage to grab a taste of what their favourite influencers were offering. There was definitely not enough time in the day to absorb all the panels, workshops, fan clubs, and artist engagements!

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In the centre of the convention floor was KCON Studio, with live cameras. And of course on the KCON Stage fans experienced Star Live Talk where fans came up-close and personal with their idols. As if that wasn’t enough, fans could tour the convention floor and sample K-foods, K-beauty, try on a Hanbok, make Kimbap, and buy merchandise.

The panels included YouTube stars, music industry professionals, and former U-KISS member Kevin Woo!

Unfortunately because of visa issues the girl group EVERGLOW could not attend this year. Fans were disappointed, but fortunately that did not effect the length of Saturday’s concert.


By Sunday the totes were running low, there were no more booklets and we all had to download the app to find out the day’s schedule. But that did not stop the fans! The lines at 11am still serpentined the floors. Sunday’s events were just as exciting as Saturday’s. For those who were fortunate enough to buy a two-day pass, they got their money’s worth.

On both nights the exodus to the concert at Madison Square Garden stopped traffic and caused stares as a myriad of fans adorned with crown headbands, colorful tees, posters and Kakao Ryan plushies seem to glide along concrete sidewalks. The iconic Madison Square Garden shined with light sticks held by excited fans.

The house lights dimmed to black. The announcements began…