A Shared House

Not just any Australian series, it certainly isn’t easy to get me hooked, but independent Australian series A Shared House certainly did the trick. Starring Georgia Woodward as Charlotte, a young woman stuck in a quarter life crisis who has to share her house with roommates after her boyfriend leaves her, the series is a fresh take on a mundane part of many a young Australian’s life and is highly relatable, no matter the audience.

Slightly humorous and with a huge dose of friendly bonding time (my favourite combination!), the show zooms in on the ordinary and portrays it in a feel-good, lighthearted manner. Charlotte’s crazy journey towards finding her vocation is assisted by housemates Liz, Michael and Lucas, both willingly and unwillingly. Each bringing a unique flavour to the mix, the chemistry between the four actors is refreshing and brings that integral pop of vibrance to the show’s theme of humdrum life. Charlotte, the passionate dilettante contributes energy to the mix, while Liz played by Grace Avery is darkly humorous, giving the show its sharp, witty edge. Michael (played by David Halgren), the ‘buddha’-slash-resident problem solver lends a sense of comfort to the housemates’ bond, while you can always count on Lucas (played by Sonny Joe) for some slapstick humour. The talented actors play each of their roles with convincing earnestness, evoking a well-rounded cocktail of emotions that will have you drunkenly addicted within an episode.

Having only released four episodes thus far, the series is still young but already has me hooked like there’s no tomorrow. The housemates liven up daily errands such as interviewing potential housemates, spring cleaning, and even sharing milk. My favourite episode was the one about Lucas finding creativity on the toilet. Of course, that’s where we all go for creativity isn’t it? Well scripted and produced, each moment lends itself to the next in a smooth transition, with each episode full of noteworthy anecdotes on self-discovery and soul-searching. Not just a ‘Neighbours’-type drama, “A Shared House” is sensitive yet funny, certainly a must-watch.

Review score: 9 out of 10

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