Action and mystery with of slice of psychology to get your inner detective thinking. This year, two of the most anticipated and hyped animes of the season – Danganronpa: End Of Hope’s Peak Academy was released! Directed by Seiji Kishi at Lerche who also directed Assassination Classroom (2015) and Persona 4 (2011). The much waited anime adaption of the popular video game franchise Danganronpa is more and better than we expected.

Danganronpa is a visual novel type video game set in an apocalyptic world where humanity falls into a uncontrollable, meaningless and violent social unrest, the world is thrown into turmoil in ‘The biggest, Most Awful, Most tragic Event in Human History’.

Danganronpa 3: End Of Hope’s Peak Academy is the exciting next instalment as the world of Danganronpa is expanded. This is a treat to gamers, letting them have a glimpse of their favourite characters, and also revealing scenes to non-gamer fans.


The series is split into two arcs: Future Arc and Despair Arc. Danganronpa: Future Arc picks up from the aftermath of the first anime Danganronpa: The Animation following the survivors of the first killing game as they combat ‘Despair’. The story follows the protagonist from the first game Makoto Naegi and the other survivors from the first season, now as adults working for Future Foundation – an organisation created by the last of humanity to fight against ‘Despair’.

The characters are members of future foundation and are called to a meeting with all the core members of this organisation to discuss the treason of Makoto Naegi, the protagonist. What was supposed to be a secret meeting with the executives turn into yet another death game as the members are all trapped in the building and killed one off one by one featuring the games famous battle royale style killing game.

Danganronpa: Despair Arc is the aired alongside Future Arc and is the prequel to the current game events. It tells the origin story of the characters from Dangenronpa 2: Goodbye Despair prior to the event in the game. Featuring a new cast of characters, the plot follows the creation and cause of the remnants of despair and how they came to be. Although part of the Danganronpa franchise, the Despair Arc is a refreshing and different take on the Danganronpa universe though there still the trademark bloody pink murders, it mainly focuses on the everyday lives at Hope’s Peak Academy before ‘The Tragedy’. It is an elite school for students who are the best at something or prodigious level of skill in a certain area receiving the title of ‘Super high school level’. The cast are its 77th main course and all the students are ‘talented’ in their area of expertise. The Despair arc centres on events in the students’ lives and their ‘Talent’ that became the catalyst and led to become the remnants of despair.

With its well-developed characters and fast pacing plot to keep your attention, Danganronpa: End of Hope’s Peak Academy leaves the audience on the edge of their seat, hearts pounding with suspense and thrill of the unknown as the story unravels in the Future Arc and expand the Danganronpa world to all viewers old fans and new in Despair Arc.


Future Arc updates every Tuesdays and Despair Arc on Fridays on Funimation.