For those of you who don’t know, White Valentines’ day is a celebration that originated in Japan.

Somehow it came to be that the official V-day on the 14th of February was taken as a day for girls to show their affection for people they admired, buying them chocolates and flowers to show their love. Thus, on the 14th of March, each year it is time for the guys to show their affection for their potential or actual other halves!

Taiwan has also seemed to adopt this tradition, and music streaming platform KKBOX has even gone out of their way to ask a couple of Mandopop singers what words of advice they might have for lovers on this special day.



In response to the theme of White Valentines’ day, our purple-haired Korean-Taiwanese heartthrob cheekily commented:

“Valentines’ day is almost here…so Happy Valentines day! Don’t break up! Love you guys!”



The suave boys of Taiwanese boyband SpeXial had only this to say-in the words of David Tao, “Today you have to marry me”!

Fang Wu


Sweet-throated newbie and pro guitarist Fang Wu had some choice song recommendations for your White V-day playlist too! She recommends Yoga Lin’s “Drives兜圈” as she says its just a really catchy song. I agree!



The Aboriginal powerhouse with a spunky attitude A-Lin has always had a strongly positive attitude towards love: “As long as you continue loving yourself, someone will love you. Happy Valentine’s day!” Aww. Choice words, missy!


Jam Hsiao


The genre-bending virtuoso Jam had nothing but well-wishes for all his listeners too!

“Happy Valentine’s day, I wish you all a very romantic, happy and sweet day.”

So, from all of us here at Hello Asia, happy white Valentine’s day! Because, why not have V-day twice a year? Twice the fun, right?