It’s only one week until the opening of the Liveworks Festival of Experimental Art! The festival runs from 18 – 28 of October at Sydney’s Carriageworks. At the festival, Performance Space is presenting a program of new works by artists from all over the Asia Pacific and Australia.

Performance Space CEO & Artistic Director Jeff Khan describes the festival as a way “to immerse yourself, to dance, embrace a stranger, play games, contemplate mortality, engage in conversation and wonder at the vastness of the universe.”

Take a look at some of the works showcasing at the festival Singapore, Japanese and Taiwan:


xhe; a collaboration between Singapore-born and Berlin-based choreographer Daniel Kok and Japanese visual artist and designer Miho Shimizu. The piece is a co-commission between the Esplanade Theatres in Singapore and Performance Space with the Naomi Milgrom Foundation in Australia. The immersive performance promises to engage the audience in a search for the elusive xhe: a figure that is not “he”, not “she”, nor “it”.

100 Keyboards

100 Keyboards, a Sydney premier by Japanese sound artist Asuna where he brings a captivating and site-specific listening experience to the streets.

Medium, where Indonesian-born and Tokyo-based dancer Rianto will provide a contemporary take on ‘Lengger’: the traditional, cross-gender Javanese dance developed over hundreds of years and taught to Rianto by masters of the form.

Infinity Minus One

Infinity Minus One, a new work choreographed by Taiwan’s Su Wen-Chi explores our place as humans in the vast scale of cosmic time and space. It was created during her time at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research), the piece is a fusion of science and performance, and features music from Indonesian group, Senyawa.

For the full program click here.