The work of master craftsman Kitazawa Hideta will be on display from September 16th to the 30th. Be sure to catch the exhibition on the 17th for a special mask-carving demonstration held by Kitazawa himself!

The exhibition, titled ‘Shadow & Light – The Craft of Noh Mask Carving’ will boast a selection of Noh masks and photographs of Noh performances, as well as showcase the masks in use. Alongside the exhibition will be a new Noh play written in English titled ‘Oppenheimer’. The play commemorates the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings in Japan and is set to make its premiere at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on September 30th and October 1st.

The gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10am and admission is free, but bookings are required for Hideta Kitazawa’s Noh mask-carving demonstration.

Tickets for ‘Oppenheimer: A Japanese Noh Play in English’ are available online.

More information is available at The Japanese Foundation Sydney’s official website.